Here's My 30-Day Song Challenge In One Article
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Here's My 30-Day Song Challenge In One Article

For you to learn new music, and for me to share my favorites.

Here's My 30-Day Song Challenge In One Article
Mac Veh

Everyone likes music. I like to talk about it a lot, and I feel like people's music tastes change as often as moods change. I always see the "30-Day Song Challenge" on social media, and while I have never done it, I do think that I would enjoy doing something like that and sharing a bunch of the music that I love. BUT, because I never actually follow through with things, I decided to write this article. So here you go, here's my 30-Day Song Challenge in ONE article.

1. A Song With A Color In The Title

Pink Lemonade - The Wombats

2. A Song With A Number In The Title

5:32pm - The Deli

3. A Song That Reminds You Of Summer

Feels Like Home - Sigala

4. A Song That Makes You Think Of Someone You'd Rather Forget

Harlem - New Politics

5. A Song That Needs To Be Played Loud

Boardwalks - Little May

6. A Song That Makes You Want To Dance

101 - WALLA

7. A Song To Drive To

Take It Easy - The Eagles

8. A Song About Drugs Or Alcohol

Doses & Mimosas - Cherub

9. A Song That Makes You Happy

Rare Hearts - The Growlers

10. A Song That Makes You Sad


11. A Song That You Never Get Tired Of

Pristine - Mantaraybryn

12. A Song From Your Preteen Years

Kanye - The Chainsmokers

13. A Song You Like From The 70's

Rock With You - Michael Jackson

14. A Song You'd Love To Be Played At Your Wedding

One And Only - Adele

15. A Song You Like That's Covered By Another Artist

You've Got A Friend In Me - Rex Orange County (Originally by Randy Newman)

16. A Song That's A Classic Favorite

I Wanna Dance With Somebody - Whitney Houston

17. A Song You'd Sing A Duet With Someone On Karaoke

Personal - HRVY

18. A Song From The Year You Were Born

I Still Believe - Mariah Carey

19. A Song That Makes You Think About Life

Bad Religion - Frank Ocean

20. A Song That Has Many Meanings To You

Northern Wind - City and Colour

21. A Song You Like With A Person's Name In The Title

Sophie - Bear's Den

22. A Song That Moves You Forward

Don't Stop Making It Happen - GROUPLOVE

23. A Song You Think Everyone Should Listen To

Loving Is Easy - Rex Orange County

24. A Song By A Band You Wish Were Still Together

We're Going To Be Friends - The White Stripes

25. A Song You Like By An Artist No Longer Living

My Favorite Part - Mac Miller

26. A Song That Makes You Want To Fall In Love

All I Want - Kodaline

27. A Song That Breaks Your Heart

Don't You Remember - Adele

28. A Song By An Artist Whose Voice You Love

imagine - Ariana Grande

29. A Song You Remember From Your Childhood

Break Your Heart - Taio Cruz

30. A Song That Reminds You Of Yourself

3:15 - Bazzi

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