Halloween is less than a week away. And if you're like me, you've spent this month bingeing spooky season movies, with the occasional 'chick flick' thrown in.

All these icons below had such incredible wardrobes, and each fit the personas of even the most complicated zodiac signs.

If you want some bomb costume inspo, scroll down and find your sign. I swear, these pairings are wicked good!



Aries, you're creative, firey, and totally stylish—as is the iconic Cher Horowitz. Whip out your handy outfit-matching computer, throw on a yellow plaid blazer/matching skirt, and you'll be rollin' with the homies.



Taurus, you're a bit of a Material Girl (cue Madonna) and so is the queen of the Upper East Side, Blair Waldorf. There's nothing wrong with wanting some comfort in your life, especially since you can call Dorota with all of your PRESSING needs.

Blair practically invented the ~sexy schoolgirl~ genre, and it's so easy to replicate. Headband? Check. You're golden.

XOXO...Gossip Girl.



Gemini, you've got the pep, on Halloween and always. You're outgoing and a tad impulsive, like the queen of all things cheer—peppy Torrance from iconic 2000s movie Bring It On. Whip out your pleated skirts!



Cancers are emotive and vulnerable, and you know who else is? The stunning Rose from Titanic. You, Cancer, have DEFINITELY cried over this movie...maybe if you throw on some lace gloves, a stunning emerald number, and a hefty dose of red hair dye, you can find your early-90s Leo.



Ah, Leo. You're a pusher (not a drug pusher....@Ms. Norbury) and none other than the Queen of North Shore should be your getup this Halloween. Regina's got a litany of excellent outfits to choose from that are all so easy to replicate. Get in loser—we're going shopping!



You Virgo, with your tendency for being calm and methodical, should be Monica from Friends. Her outfits are incredible, and you can probably pull something together from Urban and thrifting. Throw on a pair of high-waisted jeans, a cropped sweater, and a black bob wig. Just don't stay out until 2 AM playing football or something!



Libra! You're charming, clever, and have an identity crisis every now and then—what comes to mind—13 Going On 30! All you need to do is throw on a slip dress and a retro blazer to become Jenna, but I can't promise a magical dollhouse will appear and help you travel through time. Hey, it's worth a shot!



Scorpio, I saved my favorite movie for you! Andi from How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days is SUCH a Scorpio—intuitive, emotionally deep, and able to make any guy swoon. I can't promise your Ben will ride up on a motorcycle, but why not try thrifting a gorgeous yellow silk dress and give it a try.



Sag, you don't let anyone stop you from going after what you want—even if it's a law degree from freaking Harvard. Whip out a pink blazer and a ferocious updo and conquer the patriarchy as the iconic Elle Woods.



Cap, Kat Stratford is literally your spirit animal. A feminist before her time that also doesn't give a flying f about what people think of her—totally you. Throw on a maxi skirt and a button-down, wear a messy updo and carry a hefty book penned by Sylvia Plath. Bonus points if you find an Australian snack!



This is the wild card of the bunch. Aquarius, you sometimes stand alone, but only because you've got deep drive, ambition, and a killer wardrobe. Enter Meredith Blake, the villain of our favorite childhood movie, The Parent Trap. Nowadays, we're reclaiming the once-ousted character—as described in this Refinery 29 article. Throw on a backless black dress, gray blazer, and some black heels...and you too can get (attempt) to get yourself a mans with a vineyard.



Pisces, you're easygoing, kind, and totally popular, so none other than the iconic Miss Karen Smith is perfect for you. Throw on a black slip, with a ribbon tied around the waist, and some mouse ears (DUH!) and you've got yourself the queen of ESPN. Bonus points if you can fit your whole fist in your mouth!