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For The Sake Of Others

My close friends and I got to speak to high school students about how we lived or did not live a life for Jesus when we were their age.

Courtney Starkey

My youth pastor from High School came up to me one day and asked me if I would be willing to speak to high school students about my life in high school and what it looked like to follow Christ. Now the first thing that came to my mind was heck yes of course but later when I got home I was doubting myself because I was thinking, wait I didn't really live out a life for Jesus when I was in high school I lived that "Christian Life" where I would go to church and youth group on Sundays and as the week started to further and further I would start to fade away from performing those Christian actions and acting that way and speaking that way.

I thought to myself again...wait a minute maybe some of these high schoolers are the same way I was when I was their age. I was more focused on the sports I was involved in and focused on being the best in those rather than sharing the Gospel with the people around me. There are some aspects where I wish I could go back to share the gospel and change the path I was on in high school (even though I wouldn't really go back to high school we are leaving her in the past ya feel me?) Any-who there are so many kids that are more focused on being the best in what they are involved in because they think oh that is what is gonna matter when I am in college. News flash, nobody really cares about your accomplishments .. okay I lied they do but you will be remembered MORE for how you acted the impact you have on people. I remember certain people that entered my life in high school and they are so close to me just because of the way they acted towards me and how they carried themselves no matter what people might have said behind their back.

Lastly, a little tidbit is to be kind. Something I have come to do is to compliment people and it is just a normal thing for me now that when I do it, it seems just like a little thing to me when I do it. Okay anyway fast forward to the story on this night that we spoke a girl came up to me and asked if she could talk to me and I said of course. She proceeded to tell me a bit of her testimony and then told me the struggles she has with family and personal problems and told me about two weeks ago on a Sunday she was having a rough go around I told her she was looked really pretty and she told me that made her entire night and she never forgot that and it sticks with her. Being a girl in high school being happy with yourself is SO hard and I am here to build these girlies up to know they are worth something! You are worth something and you have so much influence in someone's life even if you don't know it!

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