13 Helpful Study Tips For College Students
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13 Helpful Study Tips For College Students

How to ace all your midterms.

13 Helpful Study Tips For College Students

With the second round of midterms coming up for students on the quarter system here are some awesome study tips that can help get everyone do well!

1. Try to study more in the daytime/evening rather than the night time!

If you're grumpy and tired from a long day on campus you're way less likely to remember any of the information you're studying. It's much better to get a couple of awesome hours in the day than to get a ton of crappy hours at night!

2. Switch up your study space.

Studying in the same place every time can be a little repetitive, so move around every now and then! Studies have shown that it's helpful when studying to change spots every once in a while. Although most people are likely to go to the library there are tons of different areas around campus that will make great study spots.

3. Try "Spaced Repetition."

This is a technique in which you break information into small chunks and study those as opposed to the whole block of information. So when making flashcards break 'em up into small piles and study individually!

4. Studying in groups can often be super helpful and fun!

If you actually work and don't goof off, its a great resource. You can discuss and teach each other the material you don't understand. You'll have a whole group of people who can help you out with those tricky concepts you're not understanding.

5. Make super flashcards!

These are flashcards that not only help you learn the definition of concepts, but also allow you to think critically about them! On the bottom write a couple of tricky questions that allow you to understand the topic more deeply, as opposed to just repeating the same information over and over.

6. Test yourself!

Form test questions based on the information and go over them after you've finished studying. It's a great way to gauge how much you know and what you still need to cover.

7. Explaining the information.

Explaining the information to someone else is probably one of the best ways to learn information. If you can explain something so someone else understands it, along with answering any extra questions they might have, then you clearly know the topic. You go, Glen Coco.

8. Talk out loud!

Go over the information by speaking to yourself! This allows you to encode information by both seeing and hearing it, which will make it more likely to stick.

9. Don't study without breaks.

Don't study one topic for five hours; break it up and study a couple of different topics over your study time.

10. Get a ton of sleep!

This is pretty self-explanatory; sleep helps you retain more information.

11. Bring study snacks!

Plenty of healthy snacks and food will let you stay and work for as long as you need.

12. Take frequent breaks.

Even if it's a five-minute break every 30 minutes, it's good to give yourself a little break so that you can study for longer!

13. Try to stay off your phone.

C'mon, you know this won't help you, bud.

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