I experienced my first anxiety attack during my sophomore year of high school and have been struggling with them ever since. If you're someone like me who struggles with these symptoms of anxiety, then there are some important things to keep in mind when you find yourself dealing with an oncoming anxiety attack.

1. Focus on something else. 

Yannis Papanastasopoulos

Whether that be by listening to music, painting, going for a walk, focusing on some sort of self-care, reading a book, or even trying to finish your homework.

It is important to try to create something new for your brain to focus on so it isn't as concerned with the thoughts that are causing the anxiety attack in the first place. Train yourself to look for something else to do as soon as you feel the first wave of the anxiety.

2. Talk to someone. 

Hian Oliveira

I know this isn't always possible - but simply opening up to someone about how you are feeling can sometimes help your anxiety feel easier to handle.

Instead of keeping this burden to yourself, by speaking to a close friend or family member or significant other about how you are feeling you, can start to gain their insight into the issues - and you may be able to convince your irrational brain that whatever it is thinking simply isn't true.

3. Write down how you feel. 

Green Chameleon

In order to combat those intrusive thoughts, remember how you felt before your brain decided to go into panic mode.

Understand that these things are only temporary and that by writing down how you feel before, during, and after an anxiety attack can help you to better understand what triggers them for the future.

You can also document how well certain methods worked in order to stop the anxiety attack and remember those for the future as well.

4. Remember your self worth. 

Anthony Tran

Anxiety attacks are one of the worst things you can experience. Your self-worth just leaves your body and you are left in this mode where you overthink everything and nothing good can ever come from it. Just remember that this moment does not define you as a person, nor does it define the day that you had.

Even if you just did one good thing for yourself during that day, you can say that you had a successful day, and an anxiety attack does not change that. You are worth the time you are giving yourself and the time that other people are dedicating to you as well.