Moving Towards A Healthy Lifestyle For The Month Of March
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Moving Towards A Healthy Lifestyle For The Month Of March

Every healthy habit and action you do, big or small, always benefits your body.

Moving Towards A Healthy Lifestyle For The Month Of March

Make March the month where you take control and work for exactly what you want. Whether you have specific fitness goals you want to accomplish, or you just know you have to change your lifestyle because you aren't happy with where you are at right now, there's no coincidence you came across this article. Individuality and uniqueness aside, we are all capable of working towards a healthier, happier version of ourselves. You can spend your time obsessing over that perfect number on the scale, or thinking you need to look a certain way in order to be beautiful. You can put yourself and others in boxes labeled "skinny" or "fat." But why use your time and energy to live in such a self-deprecating, negative way?

Make March your month. Your month of positive self-talk. Your month to look at yourself in the mirror and accept yourself for who you are because I know we hear this a lot, but it is absolutely true- the size of your clothes and the way you look does not define your beauty. We all deserve to be in love with ourselves and comfortable in our skin. We are all beautiful exactly the way we are and that is the truth. Make March your month where you incorporate healthy habits, so your body and mind can thank you.

It doesn't matter how strong you are or your experience with physical activity in the past. Anyone and everyone can start their journey of healthy living. You don't need practice, coordination, or flexibility. All you need is the determination to just start. All you have to do is start.

Having a healthy lifestyle does not mean you have to be in the weight room 24/7, or that you have to go all vegan. Having a healthy lifestyle is all of the little things that add up.

Start your day with a water bottle and make it a goal to finish all 8 ounces by the end of your work or school day. After doing some work, put down your phone and give your soul some fresh air by taking a walk around the block. Work towards incorporating one smoothie into your weekly schedule. Pull up Pinterest and experiment with a new, healthy recipe for dinner. Call up a friend and become each other's work out buddies by having company at the gym and motivate each other. Get organized and plan out your workout routines and eating plans each day.

Aside from physical activity, your mental health is just as important when maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The foods you put into your body effects both your body and brain. The workouts you do exercise both your muscles and mind. After each workout, show gratitude towards your body for allowing you the physical activity you can do. Smile at yourself and your body in the mirror each night, honoring your progress and expressing gratitude for how much more progression lies in your future. Don't be hard on yourself! Don't push yourself too much. Have fun and never take things too seriously. Take the extra time to learn about proper technique and positions when working out. And remember, you don't have to drop money on gym memberships, or yoga DVDs. We have our feet and our bodies and a beautiful world outside our homes. We have all of the tools we need, for free. Don't get discouraged if you don't see progress right away; that does not mean that you aren't improving your health. Every healthy habit and action you do, big or small, always benefits your body. We can never give ourself enough love.

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