College makes any student fall into the routine of being extremely unhealthy and unable to make time to better yourself. It's essential that all college students live their life while feeling their best. These tips will alter any college student's lifestyle for the better!

1. Use organizational techniques to plan out your day

Whether this means having an agenda or using a calendar on your laptop, it's necessary that you have your day plan out so you are able to keep on top of your classwork and extracurriculars. It's crucial that you know how your day is planned so you can manage your time wisely.

2. Change your sleeping habits

Every college student knows the struggle of staying up late and working on that assignment and project that is due, but it's necessary that you learn to adjust your sleeping habits so you have the necessary amount of time to sleep every night. Students who have bad sleeping schedules are more prone to do worse in school.

3. Go to the gym and work out

Attending gym programs that your college might offer you such as spin cycle, bodypump, or zumba might help you enjoy working out even more because of how different it might be from your daily workout routine. Trying something new might make you enjoy working out more than you do right now.

4. Eat the right amount of calories/portion your plate right

To have the perfect diet is to eat the right amount of calories and eating all the essential foods every day. Counting your calories could be hard, but anyone with a smartphone these days could download an app that could count them for you!

Altering your life in college could make you create decisions that make you feel happier, healthier, and feel more awake every day.