Healing Stones For Writers

Healing Stones For Writers

Use the power of stones to write.

Healing stones can be used to enhance all aspects of your life, even your writing. When you’re a writer, you know that serious writing becomes both a lifestyle and a thankless job. It is full of ups, downs, distractions, writer’s block, achievement, and an entire rollercoaster of other emotions. Whether you are an avid, career focused writer or someone who just needs to finish an essay that you could care less about, you just might be surprised how stones can magically effect your life.

1. Calligraphy Script

It’s the obvious stone for writing, though it’s not usually used for casual writing. This stone is known to help in lucid, auto-writing that could help you reach your akashic records (your akashic records read into your past lives). But calligraphy script can help make your own writing feel more lucid and open up your mind to inspiration.

2. Tigers eye

Tigers eye is a very popular stone used in magic and fashion jewelry. It is a symbol of strength and power, just like the animal it was named after. But it is also useful in building one’s confidence and directing thoughts and focus, skills that are very important to a writer. The stone also comes in a variety of different colors including blue and red. Different colors have different additional properties.

3. Carnelian

Like tigers eye, carnelian is known as a power stone that inspires courage. But carnelian also useful for its creative properties. It can be a powerful imagination and creativity booster, which is great for breaking a creative block. In writing, it can help with your creative decision making by inspiring perception and confidence.

4. Jasper

Jasper is one of those stones that comes in a variety of colors and types. Different types of jasper stones have different properties. But in general, it is a stone that calms nerves. For the emotional writer, it can help focus feelings so your writing is balanced between coherent and emotional. It is great for emotional drive.

5. Agate

Another stone that comes in many colors and sub-types is agate. They are perfect of the writer who has a wandering mind. It is great for concentration and is thought to increase a person’s luck. Whether that is true or not, there is no denying that it is a very attractive stone that is popular for decoration.

6. Moonstone

Moonstone is a powerful emotional stone. It is most known for enhancing a person’s intuition and psychic sensitivity. It can also act as a stress reliever and can help improve patience. Patience, though a less valued virtue, is a useful tool for writing.

7. Amethyst

Amethyst is one of the most popular and recognizable stones. Even people who are not generally interested in healing stones recognize it from its brilliant purple hue. It is great for both opening and clearing the mind. In creativity and writing, it helps invite inspiration.

8. Citrine

Often known as a “money stone,” Citrine can help with more than just material goals. It is a motivator, confidence builder, and an energy booster. It acts like solid sunshine and welcomes happiness to the space around it. If you are working under a time crunch or are feeling blue during your work, it may help to write with citrine near by.

*CAUTION: Watch out for fake citrine. Some stores sell burnt amethyst as citrine. You will know if it is fake if the “citrine” is bright orange. Real citrine is more of a pale orange.

9. Celestite

Celestite is explicitly known as a creative and expressive stone. It is good for all avenues of creativity, including writing. It help clear the creativity block and opens the mind for productivity. This is an ideal stone for the creative writer.

10. Peach quartz

Although clear quartz can be good for writers, (especially if the writer needs to cleanse the space or clear the mind), peach quartz is even more excellent. It can be confused with rose quartz, but peach quartz is much harder to find.It is a creativity stone that is specifically great for writer’s block and for expression through the written word. Even if you are not currently experiencing writer’s block, it is still a great stone to have as a symbol of your writing.

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15 Mac DeMarco Songs To Add To Your Playlist

Spend some time away/Getting ready for the day upon again/Spend some time alone/Understand it's on your run with better men

Mac DeMarco is a Canadian singer-songwriter who writes songs mostly about growing up and finding love; his music is both beautiful and reminiscent of nostalgia-fueled emotion and thoughts. His songs are perfect to add to any playlist!

1. "Ode To Viceroy"

Early in the morning
Just trying to let the sun in
And open up my eyes

2. "Salad Days"

As I’m getting older, chip up on my shoulder
Rolling through life, to roll over and die
La la la la la, la la la la, la la la la, oh

3. "My Kind of Woman"

You're making my crazy, really driving me mad
That's all right with me, it's really no fuss
As long as you're next to me, just the two of us

4. "Chamber of Reflection"

Understand that when you leave here
You'll be clear
Among the better men
Alone again

5. "The Way You'd Love Her"

Closer to the ending

She's still out pretending
Prying eyes won't recognize the way she feels about him
She'll just go on living
The river keeps on rolling

Knowing all the time she'll never understand just what it means to love her

6. "Blue Boy"

Blue boy, worried about the world's eyes

Worried every time the sun shines

Worried about his haircut

Calm down, sweetheart, grow up

7. "Cooking Up Something Good"

Ooh, when life moves this slowly

Ooh, just try and let it go

Ooh, when life moves this slowly

Ooh, just try and let it go

8. "Another One"

Hey kid, everybody's prone to some mistakes

If you'd always kept it straight, you'd never learn

You'd run the risk of all the risks you take

Don't feel like all the time you put in went to waste

The way your heart was beating all those days

And suddenly it beats another pace

9. "Freaking Out The Neighborhood"

And I know it's no fun when your first son
Gets up to no good, starts freaking out the neighborhood

10. "This Old Dog"

This old dog ain't about to forget

All we've had and all that's next

'Long as my heart's beating in my chest

This old dog ain't about to forget

11. "No Other Heart"

You've been feeling sort of low these days

Just don't have a place to go these days

Must be bringing you down

12. "Still Together"

In time she'll see that her and me were meant to be together

And time will pass, it may go fast but we'll still be together

And where I go, she's at my side half of my life together

It's easy love, fits like a glove from up above together

13. "She's Really All I Need"

I smell your arts degree

It's telling me I'm lazy

I'm working so I can eat

So keep that shit away from me

Cause she's really all I need

And up until I'm dying

Life will be such a breeze

As long as it's just her and me

14. "Dreaming"

Someday I'll find her

And I'm still reminded

Maybe she's best in dreams

She's still the best I've seen

15. "One More Love Song"

Another try, another go

Never thought you'd feel this low

Another dream put to bed

After all this time, it turns all you had

Cover Image Credit: The Founder of Myself

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