Four Types of Headphones You Should Know
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Four Types of Headphones You Should Know

Headphones come in different shapes and sizes.

Four Types of Headphones You
Should Know

The choice of headphones to use depends on your lifestyle, the kind of music you listen to, and your budget. Before you buy a pair of headphones, it's best to know the types of headphones that are in the market. They include:

Over-ear Headphones

These come with large ear cups that cover your entire ear. They are the biggest compared to other headphones in the market. If you love music and good audio quality, this is the best option.

Pros of Over-ear Headphones

  • Over-ear headphones are large and come with a big plush ear pad which makes it comfortable. Also, because it doesn't press directly into your ears, it offers a pleasurable experience. The best high-end headphones are something which would provide you lots of benefits.
  • They offer good sound quality, especially the high-end headphones. If you want low-end tones that blend effortlessly with smooth trebles, then over-ear headphones are the best bet for you.
  • Most over-ear headphones offer the option of Bluetooth connection, which allows you to use it without going through the stress of cables and cords.
  • It provides good noise isolation which improves the listening experience. If you are going to use headphones for a long time, I'll suggest you get over-ear headphones.

Cons of Over-ear Headphones

  • They are bulky compared to other headphones, and they can be difficult to carry around. Though most over-ear headphones can fold-up, it cannot fit into your regular tote bag. It comes with a different case that can be difficult to carry around.
  • They are the most expensive headphone in the market. Although you can find those within your budget, when compared to other types, they are more expensive.
  • Because of its noise-cancellation features, you are unaware of your environment, which can be dangerous to you.

On-Ear Headphones

These rests firmly on your ears. They are called supra-aural headphones, and they are the go-to option for most people. They are smaller compared to over-ear headphones, and they are lightweight. With proper research, you can get a budget-friendly on-ear headphone that offers good quality.

Pros of the on-ear headphones

  • It has good sound quality if you get the right model.
  • They are stable and suitable for outdoor activities such as running because it rests firmly on your head. You don't have to worry about it falling off your face while using it.
  • They are not bulky like over-ear headphones. You can easily fit it into your carry-on bag on a flight or in your regular tote bag.

Cons of on-ear headphones

  • It puts a lot of pressure on the earlobes and can be uncomfortable. They sit directly on your ear and push your ears down, which can cause soreness after a while. Though some high-end on-ear headphone has better padding that reduces this problem, you still need to remove the headphone after a while.
  • It does not offer noise isolation, like over-ear headphones. The sounds tend to leak in while you're using it, and it can be distracting.
  • They are not suitable for use at the gym. While at the gym, you tend to sweat, and the foam around the cans tend to absorb the sweat. Over time, it becomes soft and smelly.

Open-Back Headphones

As the name suggests, the open-back headphone has an open back that allows you to see through them. With this feature, ambient noise can leak in easily, which does not offer a pleasurable listening experience. Open-back headphones come with a wider soundstage that allows you to hear music and ambient noise at the same time. If you don't like to be locked out from your environment, then open-back headphones are the best fit for you. They are less bulky than its counterpart, which makes it easy to handle and carry around. However, they have low sound quality.

Closed-back headphones

Closed-back headphones come with a sealed back, and this feature helps to reduce outside noise. It offers noise isolation which allows for a pleasurable listening experience.


Before buying your pair of headphones, research or test the model you are looking for, so you know what you're getting.

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