Back in January, I ended up in the hospital after thinking that I had chest pain but in reality, it was a mass in my stomach. While in the hospital, I wrote about being in there while being a college student who just started the spring semester. Once I got home and back to school, I wrote about the aftermath, which was that I needed surgery to have the mass removed.

Now, A little over a month later, everything is all over now. On Monday, March 18, I had the mass removed from my stomach that morning.

So this article is going up one week after I had this surgery, and if I am being totally honest here, I'm thankful that I didn't do this article last week because I was just not in any kind of mood to do it. I was very tired the whole time, and to add onto that I randomly spiked a fever that Tuesday. No one knows how I spiked it or what caused it, but all I know is that it kept me in the hospital until Friday night. Yes, I spent my entire spring break in the hospital until the day I got out. My surgeon even thought that I could go home that Tuesday but nope, had to get that 104-degree fever.

Since then, I haven't gotten to the point of that high of a fever. I have gotten a few low-grade fevers, but nothing to truly worry about. All I just knew was that I was in the hospital from Monday morning to Friday night in the most uncomfortable bed wearing the most uncomfortable nightgown trying to find the most comfortable positions that can accompany my healing stomach.

I did have some enjoyable moments while I was stuck in the hospital. Some of them were but not limited to: filling out my March Madness bracket, my friend Sam coming to visit unexpectedly while trying to find her way to the highway when her grandparents came across the hospital I was in, watching March Madness, watching The Price is Right, walking around the floor slowly, all of the staff there to take care of me, and more.

Of course, I have to give the shoutouts to the least memorable moments of my hospital stay. That included: all those times my blood was taken for testing (never again will I want to be stabbed with needles), feeling like I will go home but then realizing that I won't, trying to take a nap in the most uncomfortable bed, my IV and when they had to give me a new one at two in the morning, and many more that I would talk about but I think that would be too much information at this point.

But once I got out of that hospital, it honestly felt like I am so close to the finish line. I do know that I got along and audacious recovery ahead of me, but I can say one thing is for sure.

That one thing? I don't have a mass in my stomach anymore.

Also, I think I can conclude this little series now... unless I do one more.