Having A Little Brother Is The Best

Anyone who has a little brother knows how much of a blessing and a curse it can be. Having a little brother means you have someone who will always have your back while annoying you at every single chance possible. I have learned so many things from having a little brother. I have learned patience during 17-hour car rides of being poked in the back of the head and how to love others too. As much as we have had our ups and downs, I wouldn't change having a little brother for anything.

He will always protect you

Some boy break your heart? He's there to comfort you and throw in empty threats. Friends messing with you? He's ready to step in. He's not willing to let anyone hurt you. The only person who is allowed to mess with you is him.

He will always support you

After years and years of boring and lengthy dance competitions, he was always there to cheer for me every second I was on the stage. When I got into my dream school, he was right next to me to share my excitement. When I first got my license, he was always down to deal with my crazy driving.

He shows interest in your interests

Me and my brother tend to be as opposite as they come. Considering the fact that my interests usually involve makeup and his are mudding, it's really nice that he at least pretends to care about what I love to do.

He has your back

Sometimes, literally. It's nice knowing someone will always be there for you if you fall. After doing an all day hike, he was next to me helping me and looking after me. Having a forever friend is the greatest.

He will love you no matter what

There's a bond that siblings have that can rarely be broken. Having a little brother is like having someone who will watch you fall a thousand times, pick you up, and still love you. Through the fights and the arguments, I would still do anything for him and I know he would do the same for me.

I had no clue what my parents meant when they told 3-year-old me that I have a baby brother. I am so thankful to have someone who will always be there for me. Love you to the moon and back, D.

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