I very rarely use this platform to voice my own opinions. I find it very deceptive to say something is journalism when it is used to shove opinions down every reader's throat. It is hard for me to throw my own opinion in the mix, especially on an issue so opinionated and morally debated. There is no obvious right or wrong answer to this question, but I have a strong opinion: If you want a child, and know it will have Down syndrome, would you abort it?

I must treat this as a formal debate, so that I do not get too emotional.

The first part of the question assumes that my opponent believes in the choice to abort their babies. I will decide to remain in the grey area of that debate as I do in all other articles of mine. But if this person wants to actually have a kid, why does it matter if they have Down syndrome?

This all came up because earlier this week, a friend of mine shared that they thought they were about to have a new sibling, but their parents had to abort it, due to the fact that it was supposed to have Down syndrome.

I responded with, "why did they have to?"

"Because they were going to have Down syndrome, Mac".

If my opponent were to tell me that they wanted a kid, but that raising a kid "like that" isn't the same, how dare them.

I might have a small personal bias, because I was supposed to have Down syndrome when I came out, and my parents had me anyway. Now I'm here, alive and well.

I mentioned this to my opponent, and they said that it was good because I "turned out fine." Would I not have been okay if I had been born with Down syndrome? There are plenty of people nowadays that have lived full, successful lives with this chromosomal disorder; it does not make them a monster. Look at this woman who has exceeded the social average for "regular people".

The only thing holding these people back is those around them telling them that they cannot succeed. It is actually disgusting to know how many people wouldn't love someone or care for them, simply because they think it'd be an inconvenience to help them.

I am not referring to the group when I say all lives matter. I wouldn't dare bring anything into this article besides the love needed to sway people.

There are new studies being shown that the only difference in learning rates between a student with Down syndrome and an average student is the ability to communicate. There have been hundreds given the technology to communicate with talking or moving, and they think at the same level in some cases. They are living, trapped in their own thoughts, waiting to be given the chance to speak.

We all need to give them that chance.