I believe in the power of a sticky note. Covering my desk and clinging to pages in my planner are pastel, square sticky notes with small reminders and to-dos to be done scribbled upon them. They are hard to miss and are usually more likely to be reread than something written on a bland colored, flat surface. Besides being my persistent cues to get things done, I like to write little notes to my favorite people. Sometimes I recognize that one of my friends is having a rough week, so I will write them a short and sweet appreciation note. I am a big advocate in words of affirmation and writing is kinda my thing, so my remedy for anything subpar is followed by one of my little soft-hued love letters. In addition to giving sticky notes to others, I write my short quotes and impactful sayings on them as well. And my personal favorite these days has been on a light purple note that reads "Have you loved you today?" As a former people pleaser, I have always given and given and given to others, while neglecting that same attention for myself. Now when I read that note, I remember to do something to fulfill and validate myself too.

My main source of self-care is exercising. There is something so liberating about adventuring on foot and celebrating the sunshine with a six-mile run. On days I would rather do anything but go to the gym or go for a run, I figure out what I am unconsciously desiring. Whether it is a nap, a long shower, a rambunctious giggling session with my best friends, or soul-filling food, I know I am intentionally giving myself the love I need for the day.

I have finally ingrained this in my head and integrated the realization that it is okay to give yourself time by putting energy and effort into activities that you do solely for enjoyment. Giving your mental health precedent over the never-ending to-dos and ever-growing checklists is not a suggestion, it is a necessity. After 20 years, I have come to realize that there is no one else in the entire world that can make you feel sufficient. If you are enough for yourself, then you are forever abundant. So go grab a sticky note of your favorite color and remind yourself to go do what makes you, more you.