Have You Found The Dionne To Your Cher?
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Have You Found The Dionne To Your Cher?

Could you imagine a life with your best friends? ... Ughhh AS IF!

Have You Found The Dionne To Your Cher?

Could you imagine a life with your best friends? ...Ughhh AS IF! We all have that one friend that is just as crazy, fun-loving and totally clueless like you are. Together you can take on the world and do it while looking totally fabulous. Have you found the Dionne to your Cher?

1.They are honest, even when it’s not what you want to hear…

The truth can hurt, but when it comes from your best friend, it is much easier to handle. She will tell you when you need to brush your teeth or when it's time to give up on your unreachable crush. Her honesty will be both a blessing and a curse. Don’t forget to thank her when she tells you how fat you look in that dress you almost spent $75 on.

2. You both over analyze everything!

What’s worse than a drama queen? Two drama queens! No matter how small something may be, you two have no issue making it so much bigger. The two of you could never be FBI agents because you’re both “Totally Buggin”!

3. You each "Make-Up" a large portion of each other’s lives...

She knows how to bring light to your life and how to highlight your face just right. Together, the two of you have more make up than Mac and Sephora combined. Leave it to her to perfect your eye liner wings and the beloved Smokey-eye. Contour is her couture and there is so much more about her to be thankful for.

4.She can trash talk just as bad as you, if not worse...

At your first sign of distress, she will be ready to make sure whoever made you feel that way never does again. No one is allowed to make you feel less than you are. She will fill the role of the overprotective big sister and make anyone who has done you wrong regret it more than ever. Let the chronicles of trash talking and dirty looks begin…

5.When you became friends, you became each other’s personal stylists.

Have you ever found yourself in a pile of clothes and still not know what to wear? Have no fear, you best friend is here! She will loan you her favorite pair of shoes if it means that you will have the perfect outfit for your first date. She will willingly watch you try on fifty ensembles just to put on the first one you tried on to ensure you are happy with your finalized choice. Why? Because you’d do that same for her!

6. You offer each other advice, although it might not be good advice..

Your BFF is full of helpful information on the latest trends, gossip and so much more, but let’s be honest, she is just as clueless as you are! Make sure you check her sources when she offers you tips on basically everything. Cosmopolitan is not always reliable.. but hey, they do know the 411!

7. You have a handshake no one can replicate.

The typical high five doesn't cut it anymore. You two basically have a dance routine for your 5 minute handshake. It took you a while to remember all the hand clapping, grasping, snapping and booty shaking. But with time you have mastered it and will take every opportunity to perform it in front of anyone willing to watch.

8. You two don't stop talking on the phone!

You could be two feet away or 200 miles away and you will both be on the phone either texting or talking to each other. A conversation that was to merely ask a simple question ends up lasting hours and hours. There is so much to talk about especially when you each have assignments due the next morning, but someone how you find the time.

9. Whenever you two are together, there is nothing that can stand in your way!

They say there is power in numbers, but all you need is you and your girlfriend! She will pick you up when you are down and will clap for you when you are on top because you would do the same for her. She'll be your biggest fan and your most dedicated supporter no matter what. You are so grateful to have her and forever be "Rollin with the homies!"

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