"Have To" Vs. "Get To"
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Student Life

"Have To" Vs. "Get To"

One word will change your outlook on life.

"Have To" Vs. "Get To"
Trading Pounds

Every day you “have to” wake up, have to get dressed, have to go to school, have to go to work, have to make dinner, and have to do a bunch of other things. What if you did not “have to” do any of it? What is one simple word changed the whole way you think, act, and live your life?

Dr. Kevin Elko tells a story of a courageous friend who was battling cancer. The woman, as many of us would, says “I have to go to the doctor, I have to take these medicines, I have to get radiation,” but one day her thought process changed with one simple word. From “have” to “get” she gained a new perspective on life. She now says with a smile that she "gets to" go to doctors, gets to take all these medicines, gets to receive radiation, and gets to have a chance to survive.

Think about how many times a day you say the words “have to.” A countless amount, am I right? We say this as if we have no choice, as if we are required or even forced to do these things, but the reality is that many of our “have to’s” that we take for granted other people would give anything to have. How lucky are we that we “get to” wake up every morning, get to go to school, get to work, and get to make dinner for our families.

By changing one simple word you will see the world and your life in a new light. Filled with positivity, gratefulness, and humility you will truly realize how much you “get to” do in your life. So my friends, the next time you go to complain about having to make dinner, having to go to practice, having to study, having to drive...remember how blessed you are that "get to" do those things.

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