If Your Friends Aren't Like Beyonce's Than Something's Wrong
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If You Don't have Friends like Beyoncé then something's wrong

The Everything is Love album puts into perspective how true friends should be.

If You Don't have Friends like Beyoncé then something's wrong

On July 16th, Beyonce and Jay-Z released a surprise joint album called "Everything is Love" with nine exclusive tracks on tidal. It came as a surprise to the world, but isn't too shocking if you know about their the Carters' record for the dropping albums without any hints. In these two days since the release, the internet has blown up over the subliminals and blatant messages in their songs. After listening along with everyone else I found one of the song stuck out to me. The sixth track "Friends" eulogizes the friends in their lives that are "closer than kin".

In the first lyrics, Beyonce sings about the purity and genuineness of her friendships. "No foes, real friends, we ain't even got to pretend, yeah". Once I heard those words it hit me in the gut. There wasn't many memories in my head where me and my friends weren't trying to compete over each other or hating on each other because of jealousy or resentment. I dug deeper and tried to figure if out if the falseness of my relationships was my fault theirs. I came to found out it was both.

In a friendships two people are required to sacrifice and support each other no matter the circumstances and I knew this part was true for me. Always going hard for everyone else, but not receiving the same support in return. It stinged but then I thought to all the times I was a bad friend. Not mentally there for my friends or showing empathy when it was needed. Many times I've kept friendships only because of the benefits it brought me. It's strange to dawn over that fact and think about Beyonce not having to worry about fake friends or being manipulated by them. If anything she should complain about being taken advantage, but instead that's a complaint in my own normal life

Later on the song it says. "Come pull me up, pull me up, pull me up, and never let me drown". Can you depend on your friends in a life? Sometimes. But sometimes isn't enough. It's not a true friendship if you can't depend on your friends in a dire-need situation. This song reminded me how important it is to analyze the people around you. It's hard to let go of people when there's an doubt of finding another person to fill their spot. Maybe it goes deeper than that and it's because you're afraid of being lonely, but making the right choice will spare everyone's feelings in the end and spare a lot of drama at the end of the day.

Find people who relate to your favorite activities and goals. Go beyond your county or city and look in places you'd never think you'd find a friend. Reality check your standards because you should never judge a book by it's cover. People may come off as intimidating or shy, but once you get to know them that's when they'll surprise you. Everyone has a personality whether it's shown or not and if you want to become their friend you have to work to bring it out. But, just because you're giving yourself options doesn't mean you have to be desperate.Sometimes friendships don't work out and you have to show your maturity and that you can move on.

And sometimes it's yourself. All humans grow in live and change and sometimes you need to realize your true self and discover what you like to know what type of people should be in your life. Enjoy the process and all the different people you'll get to talk and connect with. Nothing comes easy, but it doesn't mean you have to make your circumstances gloomy.

Beyonce's song talking about close connection she has with her friends and I'd be lying if I said it's easy to get that. You have to wrap friends around you that you absolutely trust and know will be with you until the end. That's when your friendship will grow and shape just as strong as your relationship with your blood family.

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