Thanks, 'Haunting Of Hill House,' I Slept With My Light On For Three Nights
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Thanks, 'Haunting Of Hill House,' I Slept With My Light On For Three Nights

Boy, did this one mess me up!

Thanks, 'Haunting Of Hill House,' I Slept With My Light On For Three Nights

Typically, I avoid scary shows and movies like the plague. The truth is, I am a huge baby and one "spooky" image will haunt me for what seems like forever.

Alas, I fell victim to the all the tweets and Facebook posts encompassing this crazy, Netflix original that was supposedly scarier than "American Horror Story." And boy, they were not wrong.

I have actually slept with my light on for three nights now... but it was totally worth it!

This storyline is so intense and so realistic it's insane. I have to admit many moments were spent peaking between the spaces between my fingers whenever the music got a little creepy or I anticipated a jump scare.

Spoiler alert! If you haven't finished episode five, you should probably stop reading.

Basically, we're introduced to the, Crains, a family of seven living in what appears to be your run of the mill haunted house — very large, old looking, and even comes with some interesting staff members who refuse to be in the home at night. We also can't forget that locked red door at the top of the spiral stairs.

We learn that one night the father rushes the children out, leaving the mother behind.

The rest of the story comes to us in scattered pieces of their adulthood and flashbacks to their time in the house.

If you're anything like me, you probably thought the "bent neck lady" was the creepiest thing about this show. And if you're as observant you probably would have noticed this trend between Luke and Nell frequently touching their necks. Luke at one point — even says something along the lines of "I think slept funny" while at rehab.

If you tie in the whole twin neck-pain thing with Nell's long hair... they were basically hinting at the answer the whole entire show. The "bent neck lady" came to Nell almost as a warning from the fate that awaited her. This was her destiny, she was seeing herself. As she was hanging, and falling through periods of time in the last moments of her mortal life, this is revealed to her and to the viewers.

I have to say — knowing this was Nell did make it seem a lot less scary but something about her post-death, bent neck look creeped me out even more than the original. Her eyes were constantly glaring of fear and sadness which is truly haunting.

I won't spoil anything else other than to say, Hazel Hill was the one character that actually gave me the comedic relief I so desperately needed while watching. If you have finished, you'll know what I mean.

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