A Night Out With Harry Styles
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A Night Out With Harry Styles

A night spent with a boy and his guitar.

A Night Out With Harry Styles
Angelica Zdzienicki

Let me tell you about my crazy wonderful experience at the Harry Styles concert, and don't worry pictures are included. ;)

As I make my way into The Forum, I can see the excitement in everyone's faces. Children are accompanied by their parents, adults are accompanied by their 'special' drinks, and there I was with my oldest childhood friend and fellow "directioner." We gaze up at the outside walls that make up the forum and there his name glowed... HARRY.

Walking around trying to find the merch line, we discovered that his lyrics had been placed on almost all pillars that surround the body of the Forum, with the hashtag #HarryStylesForum that allows the fans to connect beyond the night of the concert. After we grabbed our concert memorabilia and took our time to the never-ending bathroom line, we made our way to our seats.

Harry on the outside of The ForumAngelica Zdzienicki

I entered through the main entrance, and as it was my first time inside, I rated it as one of the top concert venues I've been to. The vibe was full of intense happiness, excitement, and such a judge-free zone to dance my ass off and not care of what I looked like... which let me inform you, I did a lot of. I was unaware of where our seats were exactly, because my wonderful best friend and phenomenal parents surprised me with these tickets for my birthday, and to my extreme surprise we were the first row, to the left of the stage, right above the pit.

The Vibe of the Crowd at The ForumAngelica Zdzienicki

Harry Styles opened the concert singing "Only Angel,"as the screen lifted and fog came out. The screams were unbelievable and the looks in everyone's eyes were as if they've seen a ghost. They were mesmerized by him. He played through his whole setlist, as well as playing two unreleased songs, and yet somehow these superfans knew all the lyrics by heart, and then played some songs from the good ol' days with One Direction, but with a personalized twist that made it his. He ended out the night with my favorite song, Kiwi. Which is the ultimate modern rock n roll song, in my opinion. My friend and I truly started to rock out and dance as if no one else was there.

Harry Blows a Kiss to the FansAngelica Zdzienicki

Going into the concert, I already admired Harry as a singer, and let's be honest he's a total babe, but truly seeing himself in concert by himself was unbelievable. The way he gets into his music as if he's dancing alone in a mirror with his hairbrush. He has the attitude of an '80s rocker, and with his distinguishable style, he truly gives me the vibes of Bowie. Without a care in the world, or as what it seems, he lets his hair loose and truly digs the music he produces and performs. It was quite refreshing, because of most the entertainers now, just trying to be the best or the most liked without truly liking the sound they produced, this was a mood like no other.

Mr. Styles is also quite a cheeky dude. While he talks to the crowd and keeps a smile on his face, he truly makes us all feel like we're talking to our middle school crushes, blushing and giggling like crazy, he is able to crack jokes and goof with the mistakes instead of being embarrassed. While on the cheeky side, he went snooping on the unlocked phone of some girl, who got a little too excited and threw it up on stage, and ended up calling her mother while hiding the microphone and having little bits and pieces we could hear, like "I will do no such thing, it's a Friday night."

Overall, it was a great atmosphere, great vibe, and great music, I can't wait to hear the great tunes he comes out with next.

Harry singing his heart outAngelica Zdzienicki

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