10 Reasons Harry Styles Is The Best Man To Walk The Face Of This Earth
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10 Reasons Harry Styles Is The Best Man To Walk The Face Of This Earth

What an icon!

10 Reasons Harry Styles Is The Best Man To Walk The Face Of This Earth

I have been a massive fan of Harry Styles since 2012. I was always, and will always be, a fan of One Direction, but there's just something about Harry Styles that makes him stand out from the rest of the world.

Throughout this piece, I want to talk about all the reasons as to why Harry Styles is probably the best human to ever walk this planet.

Treat People With Kindness


One of the first things I love pointing out to people is Harry's merch line. Most artists put out merch with their faces on it or their tour dates, stuff like that; and these artists get all the profit from the sales.

Harry Styles, on the other hand, sells merch that says "Treat People With Kindness" and all the proceeds go to tons of different charities around the world.

This doesn't go to say that Harry doesn't have merch that promotes himself, however, more sales go to the Treat People With Kindness line simply because he puts more of a focus on that line.

No fan has ever had a negative experience meeting him


No, fans are not entitled to hug their favorite celebrity, however, Harry is the absolute sweetest boy in the world and never turns down a fan wanting a hug.

He also never turns down taking a photo with his fans either. No matter what he's doing, Harry always takes time to hug fans take photos, and sometimes even calm their crying.

Even when fans are being rude to him - kissing him, pulling on him, being verbally rude - he still keeps a calm composure and is incredibly nice.

Harry Styles is WOKE


If it wasn't obvious with the Treat People With Kindness, Harry is very woke. He consistently supports the LGBTQ community, people of color, people of different religions, etc.

Harry is so supportive of absolutely everyone. I don't know how to explain any more than that. Harry is just so supportive of minorities and marginalized groups.

He is a huge feminist and even once told everyone at his concert that it's manly to cry. He's just incredible.

He's genuinely nice guy


You've seen every celebrity plastered over TMZ, cussing out the paparazzi, pushing the cameras from their faces. Have you ever seen Harry Styles do that?

Absolutely not. Harry is always incredibly nice to the paparazzi, some of the most annoying people in the world and Harry is always kind to them.

Even once, he gave a TMZ paparazzi his burger before getting in his car and leaving, like who else on this earth has done that?!

He is always nice to interviewers, security, etc. 


This has been said in numerous interviews that Harry ALWAYS shakes everyone's hands when he goes to stations for interviews.

This has also been said about him just entering any room; even at a concert once, he climbed a fence against security orders to shake hands with all the crew and introduce himself.

Also, he always introduces himself as "Harry" as if no one in this world knows who he is.

Never chews out fans


There are tons of videos online where you can see celebrities yelling at their fans for throwing things on stage or for being disrespectful. Sometimes they even threaten to end the entire show - Justin Bieber - because fans won't be quiet while they're trying to talk or for numerous other reasons.

Harry on the other hand, is always so nice. If someone throws something on stage, even when it is hazardous to him, he makes a joke out of it.

For example, one time someone threw a kiwi on stage during Kiwi and this caused Harry to almost slip. He just laughed it off.

Now, I don't think it's a good idea to throw things on stage that could potentially hurt the artist, my point is to show just how calm Harry is in situations where other celebrities would have lost their shit.

I mean let's not forget the tampon incident.

He doesn't care what anyone thinks of him


Harry lives his life to the fullest and really doesn't care what anyone thinks of him. This is one reason why he is such a great role model.

I mean, how many male celebrities do you see wearing the same fashion that Harry does? Hello, MET Gala outfit! He pushes binary norms with his fashion choices and he doesn't care one bit if anyone judges him for it.

He just lives his life as goofy and as stylishly as he can.

Have you seen his guitar?


This could go into Harry Styles is Woke AF, however, I really wanted to make this it's own point because that's what it deserves.

What other artist do you know that has stickers on their guitar or instrument that says "END GUN VIOLENCE" along with a pride flag sticker and another one that says "BLACK LIVES MATTER"?

Harry is literally so socially aware and it astounds me on a daily basis that more people don't support him.

Harry's Hair


People gave this man shit for years about his hair getting long or being "dirty." Little did anyone know that he grew his hair out to nine inches just so he could donate it to the Little Princess Trust which helps children who suffer from hair loss.

I mean he never said a word about this and literally caught shit for years about his hair and not a single person knew that he was doing all of this for charity. What an icon.

Um, T*ylor Sw*ft


Literally, after they broke up, Taylor used the break up to write songs and profit. I mean of course she did.

However, she didn't gracefully accept her awards for these songs nor did she perform them without making snide comments about Harry on national television.

Even so, Harry took this with stride and never once did he say anything mean about her, even when his band-mates did.

These are only 10 reasons as to why Harry is such a great guy! I don't think many other people in this world can compare to the absolute pureness of him.

You don't have to like his music, but you should at least respect him and support the messages he sends and all the things he tries to do within this dark world.

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