Surviving Finals
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Student Life

Surviving Finals

Seven ways to keep your head during finals week.

Surviving Finals

Finals, they are just magical. Every college student looks ahead very much excited for the one week of the semester when they get to basically take an entire semester of classes in a couple nights by studying. Oh yes, it’s that time of year again, here's how you can survive it.

1) Binge, Baby Binge.

Spend as much free time as possible watching Netflix. Netflix is every college student's best friend and best friends are the best medicine for stress.

2) Get Dem Gains.

The gym is a wonderful place to blow off some steam. When calculus gets you down get to the gym and calculate some reps instead!

3) #FoodComa.

Sure, Thanksgiving wasn’t too long ago and you may still be trying to work off all of those excess calories but this is worth it, trust me, you need to drown your sorrows with food. Now.


Sex is a viable choice for releasing stress. So, If you have a consenting partner to this stress-free activity then have a blast, but don’t forget to do some actual studying at some point rather than just “studying”.

5) VR SR: Virtual Reality Stress Relief.

AKA play some video games, hook up that Xbox, PlayStation, of PC. Hell, if it will help just pull out your phone and play Angry Birds.

6) (No) Wakey Wakey Eggs and Bakey.

Basically just stay in bed, get as much rest as you can. It feels simply glorious.

7)Old Fashion Style.

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Kick back and read a good book. Books are a wonderful escape from the stresses that are the real world, it’s temporary (like the rest of them) but it’s amazing while it lasts.

If you take any of these stress relief techniques into finals week with you then you are sure to have a relatively stress forgiving week. It’s still going to be stressful but remember, the stress that we feel is a reaction in ourselves to how prepared we feel for any given thing. No one has ever been stressed about something that they convinced themselves was no big deal. If you have been going to your classes and doing the work then your finals should be no problem. Take a breath, sit back, and relax. You're all going to be okay, just believe in yourself, after a semester of hard work that's all you really have left to do.

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