Happy Independence Day 'Merica
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Happy Independence Day 'Merica

A Few Things That Make America Great

Happy Independence Day 'Merica

On the Fourth of July (also known as Independence Day) many Americans show our pride for our country. We gather with family to float the river, light fireworks and give thanks for our freedom. Americans stand bold and proud. There are numerous reasons why America is great, so here are a few:

1. The American Flag

Old Glory. Star-Spangled Banner. We bleed red, white and blue. Thirteen stripes represent the colonies that gained independence from Britain, and 50 stars represent the 50 U.S. states. As Americans, we put our flag on posters, clothing, cars, tattoos and pretty much anything possible. We hold our nation’s symbol high and proud.

2. Football

Our society cannot get enough of football. The massive stadiums, rivalry, hotdogs, foam fingers and half-time shows bring out our passion. The Super Bowl is the most watched television event having almost 170 million viewers in 2015. Football is an American Classic.

3. The Grand Canyon

Twenty-two miles of beautiful nature. Although actually seeing the Grand Canyon is not as spectacular as it seems,--it's a bunch of rocks with a river in the middle--it is breathtaking in its own way. Many travel across the nation and the world to visit this national park.

4. BBQ

You won't find real BQQ anywhere else besides America (specifically Texas). We always find an excuse to light a grill and throw a party. Whether you get some from a restaurant or your backyard, it’s mouthwatering. There is never a bad time for an old fashioned BQQ.


Can anyone resist sport cars, racing at dangerous speeds? NASCAR is the second-most viewed professional sport on television in America. It commenced 68 years ago and still continues to keep spectators on edge with every lap.

6. Apple Pie

A crunchy outer crust with a warm apple, cinnamon filling and a scoop of ice cream on top. One can't help but to imagine an American family gathered around the dinner table sharing a delicious apple pie. Apple pie is among many American traditions.

7. Instant Fame

In America, fame can be achieved in the span of a day. Social media promotes top stories instantaneously. The media industry relentlessly dominates the younger generation with skilled tactics. Talented people are idolized in unfathomable ways. VIPs with poor reputations become role models.

8. The 2nd Amendment

Americans hold tight to our right to keep and bear arms. You will not find more opinionated people about the subject than in America. We protect our homes with this freedom.

9. Sweet Tea.

Lightly sweetened, extra sugar, Chick-Fil-A, Red Diamond... We absolutely love sweet tea. I have several friends who are “addicts” to the refreshment and joke that it runs in their veins. We have it for every gathering, whether casual or classy. Sweet tea is a necessity in America.

10. Texas.

The only thing better than being an American is being a Texan. Everything is bigger and better in Texas. We are the only state with a Buc-ee’s, H E B and Schlitterbahn. Every other hotel serves Texas shaped waffles. Blue Bell ice cream is sold almost exclusively in Texas. Southern hospitality is like no other. We are blessed to live in Texas, and we are proud to be American.

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