4 Guys Confess Their Attempts At Romance
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4 Guys Confess Their Best Attempts At Making Their Girlfriend's Happy

"It led up to my door and she saw everything and you know what happened later on that night."

4 Guys Confess Their Best Attempts At Making Their Girlfriend's Happy


"It was valentine's day 2018. I couldn't be there with her the day of because it was the middle of the week and we had classes. I came the following weekend.

I have a list on my phone of the things that she loves and wants. I have a list of whatever can make her smile. I got two teddy bears. I got all her favorite candy, snacks and drinks. I also got her a card.

I packed it all in my car and I drove to her campus. When I got there, I had her come out thinking she was helping me bring my stuff upstairs. When she came down, I pull out these two big teddy bears and she was just like *screams*.

She still has them. She named them and I sprayed them with my cologne. Sometimes she'll tell me, "They're starting to not smell like you anymore".

She's a big adventurer and loves to go out. She said before that at some point she wanted to go to Asheville so the next morning we got up and headed towards the Blue Ridge Parkway. I mapped out how to get there and what stops we would make on the way to Asheville. So, while traveling there I put together a playlist for us to listen to all of our favorite music.

It was a wild trip driving to the peak of the mountain, and she enjoyed every bit. It was this GORGEOUS view of nature and mountains and long, deep valleys. It was really beautiful to look over all of the beautiful lands on the way down the parkway.

She's one of those people that if you can show her something new you've found the way to her heart. As I said, I mapped out some stops and one of them was this museum of Native American history as well as a few other places we checked out.

She was just in love with it. I took her to the outlet malls and got her these thigh high boots she's been wanting. We went and got food and took a different way back home.

It was a nice, big adventure. Eventually, I was going back home and she was SO sad because I used to pop up on her and surprise her a lot our freshman year with her snacks and everything. Me being romantic was just me introducing her to new stuff and showering her with the things she loves."

-21, Taken


"Valentine's day, my girlfriend was at home. I ordered wings and a burger because I know she likes burgers. I set up these strobe lights that led up to my door all the way to my apartment room and it led to the door. I had rose petals shaped into a heart with chocolate in the middle of it and food on the outside of it and love music playing in the background.

When I got to her house, I blindfolded and drove her to my place and I had her try to find where my apartment was and once she got to the door I took off the blindfold. I let her walk up to where my room was and every step had a note of everything that I loved and liked about her.

I wrote things like "you are beautiful, you're very understanding, I love you, you rock my world, you make me happy" and it led up to my door and she saw everything and you know what happened later on that night."

-22, Single


"Okay so when I love, I love hard. I had this one girl. We were together, it wasn't even a whole two years. We connected so well and she was the type if I gave her anything, she would appreciate anything I got her.

This was over the summer, we went on a cruise. She didn't know. I kept telling her she needs to take off a week so we can go out of town. I got us tickets to the Bahamas. It was around my birthday and her birthday was two days after mine so it worked out well.

I told her to take a whole week off and she kept asking why and I had her thinking we were going to Virginia Beach and the whole time I went and got her some clothes. I already knew her size and stuff. I got the stuff she liked to wear.

The day that we left, I covered her eyes and we got to the car and I gave her the envelope and she saw the tickets and broke down crying and was like "why would you do this?" and I said, "this is just how much I love you".

The trip was good. We had a lot of fun. We went shopping for a little bit. Basically, I paid for everything and I wanted her to just enjoy herself because she works really hard and I just wanted her to know she was appreciated."

-22, Single


"I was working 40-60 hr days normally. My girlfriend didn't see me a lot or pretty much at all. One night when an event cut short, I drove straight from my event to surprise her. She didn't even know that I was coming and I was on the phone with her asking her like "what Netflix movies you watching tonight?" and She was thinking 'it sure is taking a long time for you to get home'.

I went to the store and got some wine and some food. I asked her what she was eating because it was around 7:30. I pulled up to her house and called her and she didn't answer the phone.

Finally, she answered the phone and I asked her what she was doing and I was like look outside her window and she was like, "*excited girly voice* When did you say you were coming!?". And I brought her a big a** teddy bear. I wanted to be creative and play games with her and stuff."

-27, Taken

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