Happy Birthday, Mom!

A birthday is a day dedicated to the celebration of you. You get to blow out some candles, eat cake, and open gifts. However, that isn't what it is all about. You get to rekindle old memories of the previous years. It is a time where you get reminded why others love you. Since it is my mother's birthday today (September 29th) I am writing an article dedicated to her. Since I don't have sixty candles you can blow out, I am going to tell you my top six things I love about you and what others said they loved about you.

I Love You Because

1. You ask about my day

Ever since I was a kid you have always asked me how my day was. You didn't just accept an answer as simple as "fine" either. You wanted to know every detail about my day. You made me really believe that what I did throughout the day was important to you and you wanted to hear it. Even now, in my junior year of college, you ask me about my day.

2. You say "I love you

There has never been one day in my life that I haven't ever felted loved by you because you always tell me you love me. It isn't this thing you say when I leave or get off the phone. It is something you tell me every second of the day and every day of the year. You have always told me that you always want me to know that I am loved.

3. You give me hugs and kisses

If your words weren't enough to let me know you love me, your hugs and kisses would be the icing on the cake. You always give me a hug and kiss whenever I leave your side. Sometimes, I will even get more than one of each. They really do help me get through the hard days.

4. You put me first

From the minute I was born, you put me first. I was set above your needs and desires. If I wanted to anything, you would find a way to get it to me. You never made me feel like I was second to anything.

5. You're a my best friend

You have always been my best friend. You have my back and stand by my side whenever I need a shoulder a cry on. You're also my biggest fan.

6. You're my mom

Lastly, you are not just any mom, but you are my mom. Also, you are the best mom. You tuck me in, read me bed time stories, sleep with me when I am scared, give me a band aid when I am hurt, rub my tummy, and feed me soup when I am sick.

They Love You Because

Elisha Morgan

"She is loving, kind, strong willed, and my inside source to figure out her daughter. On the plus side, she gave birth to the woman I love."

Savanna Williams

"I love so many things about your mom. My favorite thing I love how when she greets me. She always lovingly embraces me like I am her own daughter. Also, I love how she is so invested in my life. She is always asking how I am doing or my family."

Carra Spencer

"I love how she is so loving she is to everyone."

Veronica Williams

"It is so hard to list just one thing. I love how she lives such a Christian life. She shows it in her actions. She makes everyone feel so good. We could not talk for months, but if I needed her she would be there for me in a heartbeat."

Brenda Quattlebaum

"I love that she is such a faithful friend. She is always there for me and praying for me."

George Chen

"I love her for everything she is. She is lovable, caring, and kind. Also, she is always willing to sacrifice her [needs or wants] for her families.

Happy birthday, Mom. I love you, and I look forward to celebrating another birthday with you.
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