8 Great Things About Being Home For The Holidays
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8 Great Things About Being Home For The Holidays

Being home for the holidays really helps you go back to your roots.

8 Great Things About Being Home For The Holidays

As firstt smerter was coming to an end, all anyone could think about was the fact of going home and sleeping for all of break. However, this is not the only thing great about going home. Below are some of the key highlights about going home for break.

1. De-stressing

With being a college student and just finishing cramming in a semester of studying into one week, it’s time for a break. Finally, your old childhood bed turned into something you missed dearly.

2. A fresh start to the second semester

For some students, the first semester did not go as expected. The second semester is filled with new professors and new courses. It is like going to a new school and getting a clean slate to make your mark. You can do a complete 360 to change your perspective and your friend group or anything that inhibited your first semester; However, if you loved the first semester, you officially made college work and you keep doing you.

3. Reminisce with old friends

When you get nearly a month of a break, the chances that your break will overlap with previous and old friends is very high. This gives you several opportunities to see more people and to catch up over missed times.

4. Rekindle old flames

We all have that old middle school crush or high school crush who we wish we had the courage to talk to. You can finally have something to talk about… your individual experiences at college! You have grown whether you noticed it or not at college so use this to your advantage. Make the best of every opportunity because as like you saw the first semester was over in the blink of an eye… imagine your life in the future!

5. Update old teachers

Since break is so long, you can easily visit your old school and tell previous teachers or mentors how much you have accomplished and what they have taught you to help you become the best version of a college student that you can be. You can finally your skills to the test. Teachers love being able to see the impact that they had on their students, especially when they come back to spread all of the cheer and memories that they had from just a few months!

6. Home cooked meals

You can never get enough of home-cooked meals. Whether the food is mom’s casserole or grandma’s fried pork and mashed potatoes, it beats eating cafeteria food. You can eat as much as you want, enjoy the leftovers and savor every bite. When eating, you may miss your friends, but you can never have enough family time. They are proud of how far you have come and they love hearing all the stories and how happy you are.

7. Seasonal jobs

While being in college, funds tend to run low… Luckily, since the holidays include gifts and nice gestures, stores have longer lines and higher demand for employees! A great way to make some extra spending cash for when you move back in.

8. Home

Nothing beats your bed at home. Nothing beats not having to pay for laundry. Nothing beats not having to walk a mile to your car in the freezing cold just to go on a Target run. You can roll out of bed and eat anything for breakfast at 3 p.m. Home is home.

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