Happiness Through Poetry

Is it something you’re born with?
Something you attain?
Easier said than done?
I guess it depends on the person…

Most people tell you that happiness comes from things
Like money, jewelry, food.
But, is that happiness?
Or just a false sensation, another measly feeling.

Happiness comes through experience, inspiration.
Things that you see—
that create such a sensation it’s one you never want to let go of.
Happiness is finally reaching a point of pure bliss and positivity.

Yes. Happiness is positivity.

It’s living life
Knowing you can do anything, be anything. Achieve greatness.
As inspiring mogul, DJ Khaled would say,
It may just be the key to success.

The key to finally being everything you wanted to be,
maybe even,
Something you never thought of being.

It’s more than meets the eye of a Hamsa.
It's more than the inspiring messages flooding a Tumblr feed.
Once you live with Happiness, the only thing you can do is grow.

Happiness becomes a part of you
and can—dare I say—be the one thing
you learn to love as much as you
Love Yourself.

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