With the end of the semester chaos, assignments, and finals approaching, everyone could use a little bit of stress-relieving fun. Take a minute to push that final paper to the side, look away from that to-do list, or pull your nose from the center of that book you're studying to read eleven fun facts to brighten your day!

1. Sea otters hold hands while they sleep to keep from drifting apart.

How sweet is that? I put this fact first because I love otters, but it's also just adorable.

2. Cows have best friends.

Cows tend to spend most of their time with their best friends. They even feel stressed when separated!

3. Sea horses mate for life.

They also travel together by holding each other's tales!

4. Cherries are in the rose family.

You'll never look at a hot fudge sundae or a fruit cocktail without feeling a little fancier now. That also means it's acceptable to put cherries in a bouquet, right?

5. Exercising improves memory.

Working out increases the production of cells responsible for memory and learning, so take a study break and go for a jog!

5. The largest doughnut ever made weighed 1.7 tons.

The American-style jelly doughnut was 16 feet in diameter and 16 inches high in the center. That takes some dedication.

6. Sunflowers can grow up to twelve feet tall in just six months.

Someone should make a sunflower maze like a corn maze. This needs to be a thing.

7. The voice actors for Minnie and Mickey Mouse actually got married.

Aww. True love on television AND in real life is such a rarity.

8. There is a yearly napping competition held in Madrid.

It's called the National Siesta Championship, and the winner takes home a cash prize! This is the competition we've all been training for. Additionally, napping can improve your health, as one study found that napping for 30 minutes three times per week resulted in a 37 percent lower rate of deaths caused by heart issues, so nap on, college students!

9. While playing together, male puppies will let female puppies win.

It's been said that male puppies will let female puppies win in a play-fight so that they can get to know them better. That's quite a bit of strategizing for a little guy.

10. Looking at a photograph of a loved one can help relieve physical pain.

Who knew sentimentality had a biological purpose? Next time you're not feeling so great, find a picture of someone you care about.

11. Google, the periodic table, the structure of DNA, "Yesterday" by the Beatles, and Frankenstein are all ideas conceived in dreams.

It's amazing how our brains work, even when we're not conscious. Keep track of your dreams, even the crazy ones; they might just be great ideas!