I started living alone last September, and at first, I was terrified. I had never lived alone in my entire life, and I didn't know if I could handle it. But I am so glad that I did it. I have talked to many women in my life that never had this experience, and most of them tell me that they wish that they would have had this opportunity.

If you ever get the chance to, DO IT.

Here's some of the things I have learned living alone:

1. I learned how to cook real food.

This one took awhile... I definitely ate out more often than I will ever admit, and when I didn't I would make anything that I could pop in the microwave. I'm still not great at it, but I did get a crock pot and now I actually make food that tastes good, and has some nutritional value! Plus, I MADE IT. This also makes you get groceries, and plan out meals which makes life so much less complicated during the week.

2. I learned that not every noise indicates that someone is in my apartment

This one is also because I do have an alarm in my apartment so whenever I open a door there is a little alarm that dings. But, at first every little noise would make me flip out and I thought someone was on my deck (it looks into my room), and I would be awake for what seemed like hours. There was one night though about 2 months ago where it was super windy and my door blew open and I actually went and checked, and didn't completely freak out. (progress??)

3. I learned how to keep things clean

Okay, I'm not a neat freak but if you knew me at all before I moved, you would be very impressed. I think it's mostly because now I have a washer and dryer so there is no excuse for me to have dirty clothes anywhere. Also, when I only have 4 plates, and 4 bowls so I have to do dishes constantly if I ever want to eat the food that I just made for myself.

4. Budget

Mainly internet and electricity are ridiculously expensive, along with rent. Budgeting is a needed skill that we all need and there are actually a lot of apps and planners that help with this! I use a planner personally so that I can keep it in the kitchen when I plan out groceries.

5. You learn to be alone

I used to hate going to the store, or dinner, or anywhere alone, but now I enjoy it. I like the quiet, and I learned how to do things by myself, and that I don't need anyone else to go with me to go pick up milk.

6. You can watch whatever you want without any judgment

I'm currently binging on "Say yes to the Dress" because, why not? Plus, no one else has to watch it with me! I don't have to watch any March Madness either! It's a win, win!

7. When you want to go to bed at 9 o'clock, no one will wake you up at midnight

This is HUGE. One of my roommates always came home super late, and had people over constantly, and I hated it. If I want to go to bed early because I have an exam at 8 am, I can sleep soundly no one will wake me up!

8. You can wear those hideous Pajamas that you love

I have a T-shirt from High School that I absolutely love that is hideous, along with my Sigmund Freud slippers, and I wear them more than I would like to admit, but, my apartment, my rules.

9. You don't have to check with anyone but your landlord about pets

This one is big to me because I currently have 2 cats and a fish. I have a lot of friends that are allergic to cats, and I'm so glad that I don't have to find a roommate that is okay with me having them! Plus, I don't have to compete for their affection.

10. You don't have to check with anyone if you want to invite people over

You don't have to worry about anyone else needing to study, or sleep or not feeling well. If you want to party, you can party.


You don't have anyone to fight with. You don't get on each others nerves, or be catty with. No one took your shirt without asking, and no one hogged the bathroom for an hour.

12. No one else is going to eat that cheesecake that you were saving for when you got off work

YOU DON'T HAVE TO SHARE FOOD! Do you need another reason...?