So What Happened To 'Zoey 101?'
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So What Happened To 'Zoey 101?'

Yes. I am ready.

So What Happened To 'Zoey 101?'

What ever did happen with the 5-minute sequel to the greatest TV show ever teaser?

A recent Buzzed quiz prompted my roommates and I to find out which "Zoey 101" character we were most like. When the difficult decision of picking a article of clothing from the options - bro tank, nerdy sunglasses, jean skirt, plaid Bermuda shorts, a graphic tee, and a camouflage tank top - arose, we obviously debated over who had the best style in the series and why Zoey's bedazzled jean skirts will always live on forever. This then transpired into the continuously repeated phrase: I will never forgive Jamie for getting pregnant. She ruined my favorite show of all time. Now we will never be able to find out if Zoey and Chase ever get and stay together.

All true 90's and early 00's kids will always remember the day that went down in history - the day that the last episode of "Zoey 101," entitled "Chasing Zoey," aired. Prom is quickly approaching, James tell Zoey that he loves her, James and Zoey break up, Quinn and Logan finally reveal their love, Stacey loses her lisp after getting hit by a car, and we are left with that iconic moment when Zoey and Chase finally kiss each other.

All of our inner tween personas finally had their hopes, dreams, and prayers answered when Dan Schneider posted a YouTube video completely out of the blue. It is entitled, "What Did Zoey Say?" The caption of the video: "10 years ago, Zoey buried her feelings for Chase in the PCA Time Capsule. Today, exactly 10 years later, we learn what Zoey said :)". Not even 15 seconds in and viewers are shocked to see that Chase is on a date with another girl and proposes to her, or at least is about to. When he gets down on one knee, Chase does the classic slip up and says Zoey's name but is quick to redeem himself when he says "Alyssa." Right before Chase says "will you marry me?" Michael comes barging in the restaurant with Zoey's time capsule video. This video reveals that Zoey thinks Chase might be her soulmate, which prompts a very obnoxious freak-out that has Chase take the engagement ring and run out the door in search for Zoey. "To be continued . . . ?" then flashes on the screen with the theme song of "Zoey 101" playing the background.

Now, this video was posted on September 18. I know there is a question mark that ends the video, but if the creators, writers, and producers of this show know anything, it would be that starting up this show again would be the greatest thing to ever happen. "Zoey 101" is a gold mine, it is my and thousands of others childhood. They better not forget about this, or else it will be one of the biggest losses that the millennial generation will ever have to face.

Also - why is Chase's hair no longer so bushy?

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