17 Halloween Movies To Help You Get Your Spooky On This October

17 Halloween Movies To Help You Get Your Spooky On This October

Get ready to binge watch these Halloween classics!


Even though Halloween is all about the scares, these movies can get you into those October vibes, without any hair-raising or shivers up your spine. So sit back and relax — yes, with your bucket of candy — and binge-watch these true Halloween treats.

1. "Hocus Pocus"


"Hocus Pocus" is without a doubt a Halloween staple.

That musical number in the midst of everything will without a doubt get you off your feet singing and dancing along with these three witches; they will definitely "put a spell on you"...

2. "Halloweentown"

Preferably the first one... or all four.


This Disney Channel Original movie is best for reliving your childhood days when "Monstober" was all you looked forward to after coming home from school.

3. "Coraline"


Although this movie can be watched at any time of the year, the creepy button-eyed mom can send chills up anyone's spine. This animation may give you nightmares, but the story line is well worth the watch.

4. "The Nightmare Before Christmas"


Tim Burton is incredibly talented when it comes to creating a spooky Halloween world with all of its spooky civilians! Once you watch this for Halloween, soon enough you'll be able to re-watch it again in December!

5. "Corpse Bride"

Warner Bros. Pictures

"Coprse Bride" is another Tim Burton classic, creating an eerie world to immerse yourself in during this sad and spooky tale.

6. "Ghostbusters"

Columbia Pictures

If you're in the mood for a goofy Halloween movie, this is the one for you! These four guys will give you giggles that will tickle your inner skeleton.

7. "Casper"

Who doesn't love this friendly ghost?

Universal Pictures

As a kid watching this movie, I will always remember all of the times I spent looking for my own Casper friend.

8. "The Haunted Mansion"


Eddie Murphy takes the spotlight again with this hilarious Halloween film.

And, if you want to go all out — take a trip to Disney World in Orlando, Florida to witness the Haunted Mansion for yourself :)

9. "Edward Scissorhands"

20th Century Fox

Edward Scissorhands is the quirky outcast we all know and love. Although this is another movie that can be watched at any point in the year, it can be a great inspiration for Halloween costumes!

10.  "Beetlejuice"

Warner Bros. Pictures

"Beetlejuice" is what first introduced me to Winona Ryder, and what made me absolutely love her. With its quirks and scares, this movie is a little out there, but perfect to watch Halloween night.

11.  "The Addams Family"

Paramount Pictures

Following Lydia in "Beetlejuice," the cool, bad ass Wednesday Addams is another fierce female. Let's be real, who didn't want to be just like her while watching this?

12.  "Young Frankenstein"

20th Century Fox

"Young Frankenstein" is the epitome of Halloween movies.

It's also the perfect film for a late night date night with apple cider donuts and Halloween candy!

13.  "The Little Vampire"

New Line Cinema

Our "Stuart Little" star is shown in yet another adorable light with "The Little Vampire."

(...And I can safely say as a kid I had a huge crush on the actual little vampire, Rudolph... such a cutie.)

14.  "It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown"


Watching Charlie Brown's holiday episodes is the icing on the cake to any season. His wholesome shows are perfect to watch, snuggled up by the fire with a warm mug of apple cider.

15.  "Mom's Got A Date With A Vampire"


"Mom's Got a Date With a Vampire" is yet another adorable movie that was apart of Disney's "Monstober." For anyone who isn't really sure how they feel about their mom's new beau... this one's for you.

16.  "Monster House"

Columbia Pictures

"Monster House" is another goofy, but slightly terrifying animation. It may cause you to not trust your next door neighbor, but at least it's fun to watch!

17.  "Twitches"


Did anyone else constantly look around on the streets in hopes of unexpectedly meeting their twin witch sister one day?

Or was that just me?

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Sansa Stark Doesn't Deserve The Hate She Gets

I can understand why she may have rubbed you the wrong way, she annoyed me too.


(Warning, there's gonna be spoilers for the first seven seasons) "Game of Thrones" is a show that has many, many characters. So many that it can be hard for the average viewer to keep track of them all. Some we can't even remember their names, they just get referred to as "that guy who..." I'm pretty sure the only reason I can keep track of all the characters is that I watch Youtube channels that are dedicated to the show, do episode recaps and tell me who all the characters are.

Since there are so many characters "Game of Thrones" has someone that each one of us loves, hates, or feels indifferent about. Some characters are universally loved like Arya and Tyrion. Others I don't think anyone liked. Admit it, we were all cheering when Joffery and Ramsay were finally killed off.

Then there are characters that are either loved or hated by fans. Sansa Stark is such a character, and I want to take the time to show that she doesn't deserve the hate she gets from some fans.

Now if we're just going off season one Sansa, I can understand why she may have rubbed you the wrong way, she annoyed me too. But I think it's important to remember that she was 13. Most 13-year-old girls are shallow and annoying. I think most of us hated our 13-year-old selves. Sansa was also brought up to be a lady. She lived in a world where a woman's value was marrying into a respected family, and marrying into royalty was the highest you could marry in the social structure. So, of course, she's infatuated with Prince Joffery when she meets him.

After her father is executed, Sansa is held hostage in King's Landing and has to play the part of a good little lady that's loyal to Joffrey, otherwise, she'll be killed. Throughout season two she's physically and mentally abused primarily by Joffrey. Then in season three, she's forced to marry Tyrion, a member of the family that murdered hers (still the best husband she could get given the circumstances). Eventually, she does escape King's Landing, only to be forced to marry Ramsay Bolten, a complete evil psychopath, who abused and sexually assaulted her in her own home.

I think after all that Sansa deserves at least some of our sympathy.

Then came season six, where Sansa cemented herself as one of my all-time favorite characters. In season six Sansa reunited with her (supposed) brother Jon and they take back their home Winterfell from Ramsay, and she gets to deliver the killing blow to the guy that raped and tortured her.

In season seven she becomes the Lady of Winterfell and takes care of the North while Jon is (cough) busy with Daenerys trying to form an alliance. Sansa earns the respect of the northern lords so much that a few even question why they named Jon King in the North.

Throughout the season Littlefinger, the most selfish, creepy, manipulative bastard on the show, tried to drive a wedge between Sansa and her sister Arya so much that we were scared Sansa was going to execute Arya. But no, Sansa outsmarted Littlefinger and had him executed instead.

The reason more people should appreciate Sansa is that she's had one of the most fascinating arcs on the show. She went from spoiled brat, to victim, to survivor, to manipulator, to strong advisor, to savvy politician, to the Lady of Winterfell who ran the whole North and is one of the most valuable players in the game. We can learn from Sansa that anyone has the potential to change and grow for the better and that it's possible to overcome any trauma.

Keep in mind that a lot of characters who underestimated Sansa are now dead (I hope Cersei is next). That's something to keep in mind as the series comes to a close. I really hope she makes it. If I had to choose one character to save, it'd be her.


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