1. Raggedy Ann

Get your mom’s bright pink blush out of her makeup bag and dot your cheeks with black eyeliner and you’re good to go! If you can get past the fact that the real Annabelle was a Raggedy Ann doll, then you’ll definitely kill it at your next costume party.

2. Scooby-Doo

Perfect for all those group Halloween festivities. If you’re worried about your lack of Great Dane or Mystery Machine, fear not. Get your awkward older brother to be Shaggy, your Chihuahua to be Scooby, and you can pick up an old Orange sweater from Goodwill no sweat. Voila! Instant Mystery Inc.

3. Sailor Moon

Clearly she started the trend of the knee-high boots and throwing the peace sign in pictures. Besides, what’s cooler than dressing as a sailor and harnessing the power of the moon?

4. Barney and Friends

For some, Barney was the stuff of nightmares. For others, he and his pals were the lovable purple pre-historic beasts who sang about love and hugs. Either way, there’s no denying the cuteness of your little one’s in these costumes.

5. G.I. Joe

In the world we live in today, we can’t have enough real American heroes, even if the originals look nothing close to Channing Tatum.

6. Spice Girls

There’s nothing wrong with sticking to the classics and achieving the original #SquadGoals. But if you want to get really wild and crazy, you could always go as the literal Spice Girls and shake it up a bit.

7. Power Rangers

There’s a reason the Power Rangers have stood the test of time, and it isn’t just the colorful spandex. While every other group of friends at the costume party is going as the Ninja Turtles for the fifth year in a row, go-go as the original butt-kickers.

8. Rainbow Brite & Twink

If you do not know who Rainbow Brite and Twink are, shame on your childhood. But you have a chance to redeem yourself if you dress your children or younger siblings up in these colorful get-ups that no other child will know about! The best part? They won’t have that awkward stand-off so many of us had with all the other Cinderella’s on the block.

9. Power Puff Girls

The Power Puff Girls – or as I like to call them, the greatest things since sliced bread are a staple of great group Halloween costumes. If you were born after 1995 and have two best gal pals, it is all but expected of you to dedicate your lives to fighting crime and the forces of evil at least one Halloween.

10. Teletubbies

A flawless look at any age, complete the ensemble with Po’s red scooter and some Tubby Custard, and watch out for the other greatest British Invasion.

11. Blue’s Clues

Even though all our worlds were shattered the day we learned of Blue’s true gender, we can still honor our favorite childhood show with this costume and remember the good ol’ days. Back when Salt and Pepper made Paprika, Steve was the only human we cared about, the greatest feat you would accomplish was finding a clue, and life made sense.