At some point in our lives, some of us may have turned to dating apps to help us in our romantic lives. Anyone who has can attest to what you are about to read.

Here are the 10 different types of guys you see on apps like Tinder or Bumble:

1. The "nice guy"

He's totally a douche who tries to convince you he's a sweetheart, but as soon as you reciprocate, he gets a lot more sexually aggressive. But the second you refute his advances, he backs off and throws it in your face, trying to make you think that you were totally into it and he was just doing and saying what he thought you wanted. Will 100% say that he's a "nice guy" and knows how to treat women. Sure ya do, buddy. Stay away, ladies!

2. The clout chaser

He's only on Tinder to get pics with you and at the places you go out for his Instagram or VSCO. He shops exclusively at Urban Outfitters and probably has a Sound Cloud account. He follows all the most famous YouTubers but doesn't watch almost any of their videos. He will probably always be asking you about big social media events and always be up-to-date on any tea within the Youtuber community. Not to be confused with guys who are actually into Sound Cloud and making music, they're their own breed.

2. The too good to be true guy

He has a jawline that looks like it was chiseled out of marble by God himself. He has piercing eyes, and in almost every picture, he is smoldering. He has at least one shirtless photo and is definitely a model, even if he doesn't have it in his bio. There's an 85% chance he's from another country, probably one in Europe. We all swipe right, but does anyone match with him? Is he even real? No one knows.

4. The fisher or hunter

This guy almost exclusively has photographs of him fishing or hunting depending on where you live. If you're from the west coast, he's standing on a fishing boat holding any kind of fish, and many times he's wearing a hat and sunglasses that cover most of his face, so you're not entirely sure what he looks like. If you're not from the west coast, he's posing with a deer and his weapon of choice, a gun or bow, and most of the rest above also applies.

5. The musician or DJ

He's your stereotypical Sound Cloud rapper who describes his music as "not conforming to the restrictions of genres" or "not fitting into the mold of society." His music could be really good or just plain awful. There's a chance he'll ask if you can play an instrument or sing so he can feature you in one of his tracks, but you both know that'll never happen, it's just a line and all part of the facade of the Sound Cloud musician.

6. The catfish

This man has definitely gotten his photos from a model or influencer. Sometimes you'll catch him because you recognize the famous face he stole or you'll realize he's posing as that celebrity, and hopefully, you'll be wise enough to swipe left. Listen, no celebrities are gonna be on Tinder or Bumble because we all know they'd be bombarded by fans and people just trying to meet them.

7. The "Richard"

You only get one thing from this man. Nudes. He will ask for them too, and whether or not you send them is entirely up to you (don't do it!), but that is all you're getting from this guy, just pics of his dick. (Bonus points if it's the very first thing he sends, and extra bonus points if it's the size of a Blackberry phone or smaller).

8. The ghost

You might get in a few messages or even a full conversation before he just dips out of nowhere. He may delete the app or stop texting or snapping you altogether, possibly blocking and/or removing you from either. He may have been super hot and leave you sad and disappointed, or he may not have been very good looking, which makes you wonder what could have made him decide to ghost without so much as a goodbye or explanation.

9. The one and done

He will only message you once— to either start the conversation on Tinder or to keep it from expiring on Bumble. Then, you'll never hear from him again. Did he delete the app? Did he fall into a ditch? Is he just somewhere his phone doesn't have reception? Why don't you think about that for a few hours... Let the panic ensue.

10. Mr. Right

Rare as a Stradivarius, the true gems that we are all looking for when we're on these apps. He is just your type, funny, a perfect smile, kind eyes, and his messages don't make him sound like a tool. If and when you meet up, he is a perfect gentleman and your date goes flawlessly, as you wait, thinking in your head when the other shoe is going to drop, but it doesn't. You can't believe you found him, you start to think he could be the one. Hold on tight, girl! You found yourself a keeper!