10 Guys You'll See On Tinder Without A Doubt
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10 Approaches Guys Use On Tinder That Make You Roll Your Eyes And/Or Giggle

Tinder is fun, but Tinder is predictable.

10 Approaches Guys Use On Tinder That Make You Roll Your Eyes And/Or Giggle

Exploring Tinder is easily my favorite way to pass the little free time that I have. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it), it can be predictable. So here are ten guys you'll DEFINITELY see when you're swiping through Tinder.

1. The "I Obviously Played High School Football" Guy

This guy only has photos in his high school football jersey. He doesn't play any college sports, though. It sucks to peak in high school.

2. The "I Couldn't Take A Selfie If My Life Depended On It" Guy

Most guys suck at selfies, but some guys are ESPECIALLY bad at them. This guy only has photos of himself that look like they were taken by a blind toddler.

3. The "I Definitely Just Got Out Of A Long-Term Relationship" Guy

This guy has TONS of photos where he obviously cropped out his ex-girlfriend. No judgies for this, but... That's a ballsy move.

4. The "Obviously Must Be A Car" Guy

I get it, some guys are just really proud of their cars. And that's fine. But when the only photos on your Tinder profile are of your car... Re-evaluate the pictures you chose.

5. The "We Get It, You Drink A Lot" Guy

This guy's first photo is of him shotgunning a beer, his second is of him doing a beer bong, and his third is of him taking shots. Obvious repercussions aside, he's probably a pretty fun dude.

6. The "I'm Great With Kids" Guy

When creating his Tinder profile, this guy probably thought "What do women love more than anything? Kids." This isn't fool-proof, though, guys. Any time I see this guy, I swipe left.

7. The "Let Me Bribe You With Pets" Guy

This guy's first photo is of his dog. JUST his dog.

8. The "Guess Which One I Am" Guy

This guy only has group photos. Sorry, bud, but I'm not playing "Guess Who?" with your Tinder profile.

9. The "I Can Provide For You In An Apocalypse" Guy

This is the guy you see holding a fish or something else that he's killed. He's proving his masculinity and ability to provide for you in extreme circumstances.

10. The "I'm SUPER Married" Guy

This guy has a bunch of photos with his face blurred out. SO sketchy.

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