Guys You Date In College
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Guys You Date In College

This should be fun.

Guys You Date In College

College is a time of discovery. Discovering who you are, what you like, and where you want to go. You make self-discoveries, intellectual discoveries and emotional discoveries. So that means you have to try new things. College is the perfect time to experience the world, specifically, the dating world. So here it goes, the strange list of all the guys you’ll date in college. But dating can also mean “talking,” so if you need a little help understanding that, check this out.

The High Schooler

The high schooler is the guy that you really fell for either in high school or once you graduated. You lived in your small little high school world, so he seemed like the ideal guy, but once you came to college and things changed, you changed. The high school guy, in hindsight, isn’t the worst, but he isn’t the one. (Even though you would’ve sworn on your senior year prom dress that he was.)

The Fraternity Man

This is the guy that wears Sperrys and Chubbies despite your pleading against them. He’s smart, put-together, and a lot nicer than anyone else would ever make him out to be. He loves his fraternity more than you. He’ll correct you when you say “frat” and you’ll learn because saying Fraternity is correct and respectful. He has some stereotypical hairstyle and probably likes Kanye way too much. Something great about him that you won’t find in many, though, is his commitment; although it may not be to you, he is incredibly committed. He will do just about anything for his chapter, his brothers and his philanthropy, and that says a lot about his character.

The Artsy One

The artsy one is the one that you never expected to be involved with, or maybe you did, but he’s still not quite what you expected. He’s creative in so many ways, and whether it’s with photography, writing, film, drawing or playing an instrument, this one’s talents amaze you. This one will change your outlook on life because he sees everything in a different way. He will open your mind, but his somewhat narcissistic attitude might close you off to the world. He might be the one to leave you with the least scars, because his strange mind is incapable of loving too much, too young. This one could stay your friend, so keep him if you can.

The Mistake

We all have one of these, and if you don’t, you’re lying. He’s the one that you either drunkenly hooked up with, or soberly hooked up with, but either way, it’s a regret. You might have met him at a party or even Tinder, but you never intended for things to escalate the way they did. He for some reason keeps coming back into your life. Even though neither of you is interested, you keep him there simply for the reassurance that you’re not completely alone. He’s a mistake for a reason, let’s not try to make him more.

The Meathead

This life revolves more around getting “big” than anything else. Gym this, gym that, get big, bulk up, blah, blah. Now, don’t get me wrong, being physically fit and being dedicated to improving your body is a great quality to have, and there are people with more willpower than me, that’s for sure. But when you spend most of your time working on “getting big,” it can take away from the actual substance in your mind. The meathead is the guy that says things that make you cringe. His constant trips to the gym give him impeccable self-confidence (which is great), but he also thinks he can do or say whatever the hell he wants. The meathead will be more interested in himself and his gym time than you.

The Psycho

You know how they always make jokes about the “crazy ex-girlfriend?” Nothing compares to this guy. You went on a few dates, talked for a short period of time, but you were never serious. For some reason this boy is obsessed. He sends you flowers for no reason, even though you hate love-y things like that. He texts you every few days despite your efforts to tell him you’re not interested. You try to maintain a friendship with him, but he keeps pushing your boundaries and trying to get you to fall in love with him.

The “Adult”

Mr. Dreamy if you’ve ever met one. This is the man that you actually dream of simply because he’s (kind of) got his life together. He graduated, has a job, and makes you swoon, because he’s not anything like the college guys you’re constantly interacting with. You know how they used to say that women mature earlier than men? This still rings true. Because although he is 26 with a career and his own apartment, he’s more of a child than any other guy you have so far dated. He says he’s “not looking for anything serious," which is the lamest excuse ever, because no one really looks for a serious relationship, it just finds you. He’s not worth your time because he treats you like a child, he tells you everything you want to hear, and he might as well be a model, but he puts you down and makes you feel bad about yourself. This “adult” will be the biggest disappointment for you.

The One

Here he is: the one you’ve been waiting for. He’s kind, smart, and everything you’ve ever wanted. Whether he’s the Fraternity Man, The Artsy One, or The High Schooler, it doesn’t matter, because you’ve found him. In the end we all have our flaws, and if you found someone whose flaws you’re willing to look past, then you’re one of the lucky ones. He gets along with your parents, and your siblings seem to like him better than you, but that’s more than you could ask for.

College is weird. It’s this strange world between being an adult and being a child, you have some responsibility but not enough to be completely on your own. Nothing, however, is quite stranger than the boys you will date during this weird phase. The best part, though, is that each wrong date brings you one step closer to the right one. So when the next guy that wastes your time with dates that only consist of “Netflix and Chill” comes along, just kick him to the curb, ain’t nobody got time for that.

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