The 28 Types Of Guys Every Girl In Her 20s Should Be With At Least Once
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The 28 Types Of Guys Every Girl In Her 20s Should Be With At Least Once

10. The one that makes you a better person

The 28 Types Of Guys Every Girl In Her 20s Should Be With At Least Once

Your 20s can be a fun time of exploration and self-development. They can also be a flaming dumpster fire and the most difficult and awkward times of your life.

Dating in your 20's is an especially interesting experience and there's a good chance you'll come across some shady characters. But occasionally there's a diamond in the rough. The guys with these characteristics will be a beacon of hope in an otherwise bleak dating scene.

And hey, if monogamy is more your thing, the right guy can (and should) be a combination of more than one of these features.

*Disclaimer* Not all women want to date men. LGBTQ+ women that aren't into men exist and are totally valid. And men who date men experience these things too! This isn't exclusively a females-only experience, but rather just a fun piece that most women that date men can relate to in some capacity.

1. The feminist: the one that puts your pleasure first

This is the guy that wants to make sure your needs are being met every time you're together. He isn't afraid to put in some extra work to make sure you feel comfortable, safe, and satisfied.

2. The one that's still in the closet

The guys that are still in the closet treat you really well at first because they're trying to compensate for the lack of physical attraction

Plus, parents love them

3. The one who's a little bit of a freak

It's good to explore fun new things in your 20's, YOLO.

4. The one who's no good for you

Only because it's important to realize it soon enough so that you recognize your own worth in the future.

5. The one who was raised correctly

This is the guy that's the epitome of polite, the one you'd be happy to bring home to your mama. He's sweet, respectful, and genuinely good for you.

6. An older guy

More experience = better in bed. Plus financial stability, responsibility, and hopefully he's past the whole fuckboy stage.

I'm not saying you should go out and get yourself a sugar daddy but if the opportunity presents itself...

7. A man who's comfortable with his emotions

This guy will put emotions over pleasure, making sure that you're always feeling good not just physically but mentally when you're with him as well. He's not afraid to tell you how he feels or to open his heart up to you. This guy is a dream that you never thought would be possible... until you find him that is.

8. The guy who you don't agree with on everything

Whether it's differing politics, religions, or even whether or not you like pineapple on your pizza, it's important to be with someone who will expand your thinking and that you can have interesting conversations with (as long as he's respectful of your opinions too, of course).

9. The one who supports your wildest dreams

From grad school to dream careers to family plans, life is so much better with someone along for the ride who's willing to support your fantasies and do everything he can to make those dreams come true.

10. The one who makes you a better person

What are relationships about if not mutual growth? Every guy you're with should challenge you in some way, teach you something new, and be an experience that adds to who you are as a person.

11. The one that teaches you how to love

Whether he teaches you how to love yourself or he's your first time falling in love with someone else, the guy that teaches you what love is and what sort of love you deserve is invaluable.

12. The guy that meets and exceeds your expectations

"A woman should NEVER lower her expectations of a man because that’s when you’ll start meeting all the douchebags. There are men out there that want to treat you the way you’ve always dreamed of being treated (aka, a priority). It just takes time. "

13. The one that loves his family

Whether he's best friends with his sister, loves his mom, has incredibly real conversations with his dad, or he spends weekends playing with his nieces and nephews, the guy who loves his family is so important to have around (plus he'll make a great dad if the relationship is going that way).

14. The dude who knows how you like your coffee

Get you a man that knows your Starbucks order and will bring it to you on a Monday morning before a stressful day.

15. The one that things feel natural with

The guy I'm currently with fits like a puzzle piece I never knew was missing. From day one, everything's been completely effortless and we fit fluidly together in the most perfectly effortless way.

16. The one who will walk you to the front door and kiss you goodnight

Don't settle for the guy that drops you off at the curb. Same goes for the one that honks for you to come outside rather than coming to the door to meet you.

17. The actual nice guy

Not to be confused with the self-professed "nice guy", the actual nice guy is one that respects you, your boundaries, and your decisions. He won't pressure you into anything you don't feel comfortable with. He'll be happy to spend time with you in public. You'll always be more than just the 2AM girl with this type of guy.

18. The one that's happy to just be your friend

When I started getting exclusive with this one guy, I told the other guys I'd been seeing and while some of them were super butthurt about it, the best ones were willing to be my friend through my new relationship, to listen to my stories, and to continue to spend time with me, even though nothing romantic was going to transpire.

19. The one who still thinks you're beautiful, despite your flaws

Get you a guy who sees you first thing in the morning when you wake up and your hair's a mess and last night's makeup is smeared and still thinks you're the most beautiful girl he's ever seen.

20. The one you feel comfortable sitting in silence with

The best types of relationships are the ones where you don't need to fill the quiet with sound and you're happy just being in each other's presence.

21. The one that responds to your needs

Whether in bed or outside of it, get you a guy who's attentive and will react accordingly to what you need, what's working, and what isn't.

22. The one that you don't see coming

The best relationships show up when you're least expecting them. I was convinced I wasn't the relationshp type, that I was more into casual encounters, and then the right guy came along and convinced me otherwise.

23. The spontaneous one

The one you don't have to make plans with, that you can just go for a drive or take a nap with, eat whatever's in the fridge or go out with, his place or yours whichever, not every minute needs to be planned out to the second.

24. The one you've had a crush on forever

When things finally fall into place with the guy you've had the hots for for the longest time, it couldn't be more magical. Hopefully, everything lives up to your fantasies and expectations.

25. The one night stand

Don't knock it until you try it. Something quick flings with someone you'll never see again are the most fun.

26. The teacher

This guy will always be teaching you something new; whether it's a new position or technique or even the latest interesting thing he read online. He doesn't have to be a teacher in real life but his passion for learning and for educating you will carry over even after the school day is over.

27. The one that's comfortable with his own sexuality

Whether that means being willing to try new positions, kinks, or letting you take the reins sometimes, it's always fun to be with someone who is willing to explore the limits of their sexuality.

28. The One

At the end of it all, I hope you meet the one. The one that makes you feel like a queen, that trEATS you right, that you genuinely see a future with. Best of luck in your hunt for soulmate finding and may the odds be ever in your favor.

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