To The Guy Who Decided To Block Me Because He Couldn't Confront His Own Feelings

To The Guy Who Decided To Block Me Because He Couldn't Confront His Own Feelings

I hope you realize what a mistake you made because you lost out on someone great.



Remember me? The girl you were talking to every day? The girl you told personal things to? The girl you called on the phone to ask her about her day? Yes, I'm still here, even though you decided to block me and ghost me out of nowhere.

I was blindsided, let me tell you. Everything was going great. You had planned for us to go get dinner and go mini golfing and you even sent me a Google calendar invite for it. You were telling me how excited you were to see me again (in all caps), too.

When we first hung out, I was really nervous, but I slowly started to feel more comfortable and we were laughing at each other's jokes and stories. You even said that your face hurt because you were smiling so much. Everything seemed to be going perfectly. I couldn't wait to go to sleep so I could wake up to your "Good morning" text messages again.

You see, I was really starting to like you. It did scare me a little bit, but I kept telling myself that this was a good thing and I shouldn't be scared of something great. Two days before our mini golfing date, everything was normal. You texted me in the morning and we had a conversation throughout the day. I updated you that I would for sure be able to go out with you to mini golf to which you responded, "Yayyyy!"

You were having a busy week with work and moving so I had asked if you were excited to move. I didn't receive a response, but I just thought it was because you were really tied up with things and that I would hear back from you in the morning.

Much to my dismay, I woke up to an email saying you canceled our date and that it was removed from my Google calendar. I checked my messages, no word from you. Something inside me told me to check Snapchat. Suddenly your name was gone and you were no longer on my friends' list. Blocked.

So, I go to Instagram. "User not found," but yet, I can still see your Instagram profile image and the number of posts you have even though it says, "No posts." Blocked.

At this point, I'm upset, angry, and I'm feeling stupid. Here I am thinking this could actually be a good guy for me and for once, this could work out. I decided to call you out and text you and say, "Is there a reason I'm blocked on social media and you canceled our date? If you're not interested, at least be honest." No answer, obviously.

I'm not sure what exactly your reasoning is to be treating me like this, but to me, it seems like you're running away from your feelings and decided blocking me would be the easiest solution. Or maybe you have a secret girlfriend and you don't want her to find out you're talking to someone else. Whatever the case may be, it sounds like you're a coward. What an immature thing to do. You don't get to smooth talk a girl you say you're into and then toss her to the side when you feel like you're scared, especially coming from a man who claims he respects women.

I'm not sure if you will ever see this, but if you do, I hope you have a really good apology.

I hope you realize what a mistake you made because you lost out on someone great.

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99. "Why don't you be you, and I'll be me." — James Bay

100. Life is like a camera, we focus on the positives and develop from the negatives.

Cover Image Credit: Pixabay

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Please Stop Preordering Video Games

Gaming studios don't care about player experience; they just want your money.


In the light of the recently released Anthem by EA, I feel the need to remind people why preordering video games is just an altogether terrible idea. I'll list some examples of most recent and infamous game preorder fiascos to remind gamers why preordering a game is never the best option.

The perfect example of why you shouldn't preorder is in the all too well-known story of No Man's Sky. Remember that? If you don't, that's fine. If you do, maybe you need a reminder. No Man's Sky was a game that created the hype to end all hypes. The game promised an almost endless and unique universe to explore in your very own custom made spaceship. The worlds would generate with new lifeforms to discover and the best part was that you could meet up with your friends in the game! No Man's Sky promised fans an experience like none ever before. Then the game actually came out. The randomly generated worlds were basically carbon copies of each other, the system of collecting and building was brain numbingly monotonous, and players couldn't meet up with each other. All of the promises were empty and the game just wasn't good. But what carried that games sales? Preorders. People saw the trailers full of promises and let themselves be swept up along the hype train. They were burned once, surely they learned their lesson and stopped preordering, right?

Star Wars Battlefront II came out next alongside a new wave of hype and excitement. A revisioning of one of the most loved video games of all time. Promises were made by EA for a wholly new and updated Star Wars experience, one where you could play as iconic characters like Darth Vader against Luke Skywalker. Or could you? The game came out and players found that all of their favorite characters, ones they assumed would be playable from the beginning, were locked. To unlock them would take roughly 40 hours of gameplay per each character. Or you could just pay to unlock through micro-transactions. Of course, EA tried to defend this with their infamous "player experience" comment on Reddit, but the damage was already done. People tried to refund their orders, until EA removed the refund option from their website. EA showed no remorse in their money grabbing decisions but the sheer amount of preorders gave them enough incentive to continue the micro-transaction model with the rest of their games. People learned not to preorder video games ever again. Right?

Next came Fallout 76, a new chapter in the wildly popular Fallout series by Bethesda. Of course, the preorders began anew once again. And again, game studios failed to deliver on their promises. Especially dedicated fans ordered the $200 Power Armor edition of the game. This bundle of real merchandise included, of course, a copy of the game, a replica helmet from the game, a print of the in-game map, and a handsome looking canvas duffle bag. Instead, fans received a nylon bag, much smaller than pictured, and definitely not worth the price. On top of that preorder issue, the actual game was, and still remains, a buggy mess. The game did not live up to its hype, an all too common theme, and people were disappointed, again. People were burned, and that, surely, put a stop to preorder culture.

Nope! People are still preordering video games, especially with EA's Anthem. A brand new game with no precursors to recommend it and only promises to sell. And people have been preordering off of the ridiculous list of options. Why? Why should we continue to feed this monster that was once the gaming industry? By preordering games, you only fuel the ridiculous micro-transaction and loot box craze that plagues video games. By buying games before they're ready, people only encourage the gaming industry to rely on cheap cash grabs like pre release downloadable content and micro-transactions to help complete an experience that should've been finished in the original game.

Don't trust these trailers or the E3 hype anymore. Stop preordering and start waiting for the game to release so you can judge for yourself whether or not a game is worth your time and money. Don't fall into the trap of shiny merch included in bundles, because Bethesda showed how that turns out, and don't trust a game with a legacy, because EA showed that micro-transactions are their new choice of income.

I'm still going to preorder Animal Crossing on Switch though. Don't @ me.


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