A Guideline For The Perfect Day At The Beach

A Guideline For The Perfect Day At The Beach

Seagulls are not your friend

I have been going to the beach my whole life and go through withdrawals if I spend more than two months without the sand in between my toes. During the hundreds of hours I have spent relaxing by the sea, I have acquired some helpful tips to brighten anyone’s day at the beach.

1. Seagulls are not your friend

Seagulls are vicious sandwich stealing monsters. While beach newbies think it’s funny to feed them, a professional beach goer knows that feeding the beasts just creates a swarm of hungry birds that never leave. After they are fed, watch out, because you may be their next target when they drop off an unwelcome gift.

2. Reapply sunscreen every couple hours

Sunscreen may be sticky and a hassle, but its better to lather it on than face the wrath of the sun. Between swimming in the ocean and sweating in the sun, the sunscreen washes off, and if you don’t reapply you will become as red as the lobster you ate for dinner last night.

3. Bathing suits with straps are necessary for swimming

There is nothing better than swimming in the ocean, but an avid beach-goer knows that the waves are much stronger than they know. Strapless bathing suits are cute but don’t think about splashing around in one, because the second a wave hits you’ll be searching for your top underwater. A strap can be the difference between a PG and PG-13 rated beach trip.

4. Bathing suits with crazy straps are cute… the tan lines they give you not so much

Bathing suits with fancy straps on the back are all the rage right now, but what’s cute one day is not the next. The tan lines you’ll get from the straps can make anything you wear that exposes your back look strange tomorrow.

5. You will find sand in the most unexpected places

A couple weeks after your beach trip you will still be finding pesky grains of sand everywhere. You will find it in clothes you didn’t even bring to the beach. Two weeks after being at the beach I can still find sand in my ear.

6. Set an alarm if you are napping

Nothing tops a nice nap on the beach, but if you aren’t careful, your nap will turn into a roast. The sun doesn’t rest even though you do so make sure you slap some sunscreen on and cover up before napping and maybe set an alarm to tell you when it’s time to flip over.

7. Always have a good book

The beach is the best place to get some reading in. The sounds of the ocean serve as soothing background noise while you turn the pages of your book. Reading is the perfect activity to pass the time as you soak up those sun rays.

8. Put your phone in a plastic bag

Nowadays no one goes anywhere without their phone. However, the beach can be a dangerous place for technology. Between the tiny grains of sand and the water in the ocean, the hazards are endless. To protect your phone (which is basically your life) put it in a plastic bag. You can still use your touch screen through the plastic and it will keep your phone safe.

Everyone loves a day at the beach. Just make sure you plan ahead and do it the right way!

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All I Want For Christmas Is A Cure To Pediatric Cancer

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Do you remember Christmas as a child? Think back for a second, or close your eyes, if you need to. As I close my eyes, I fondly remember Christmas Eve celebrations with my family, opening presents, and tracking Santa online anxiously awaiting his gifts under the tree the next morning. I remember waking up extra early, shaking awake my brothers at six in the morning to come to the family room and see what Santa had brought us. As I grow older, of course, the meaning of Christmas has matured, and the "reason for the season" is obviously more than presents under a tree. Christmas should be about love and family.

Unfortunately, not every child can experience the same good memories during this holiday season. Every day, approximately 46 children are diagnosed with some form of pediatric cancer, and that is 46 too many. That means that from Christmas Eve to New Year's Day this year, approximately 414 children will find out that they have pediatric cancer.

Think about what this means for the child, for his or her family. No child should have pediatric cancer at any time of year, let alone the Christmas season. Think about all the Christmas and holiday memories that these children deserve to experience just like you did. Since Christmas is about giving, you may be thinking to yourself, "What can I do to help?"

The Andrew McDonough B+ ("Be Positive") Foundation is a children's cancer charity foundation that provides direct financial aid to families of children with pediatric cancer. Many college campuses throughout the country, such as Villanova University, work in partnership with The Andrew McDonough B+ ("Be Positive") Foundation to provide year-long fundraising for children and their families that are affected by pediatric cancer and research that focuses on finding a cure.

During the spring, Villanova sponsors a 12-hour dance marathon, also known as NOVAdance, which focuses on raising as much money as possible that will directly go to families and research. Every child who The Andrew McDonough B+ Foundation sponsors becomes a "B+ Hero". During NOVAdance, Villanova also invites all the B+ heroes in the greater Philadelphia area to join us in dancing, games, arts & crafts, karaoke, and much more.

This past March was my first experience with NOVAdance, and I was blown away in awe. The hours I spent on the dance floor are some of my favorite memories from my first year of college, and I am eagerly awaiting the days till NOVADance 2019. I loved spending time with the B+ heroes, who taught me how to make some string bracelets, broke out their best dance moves, and beat Villanova students in a game of half-court basketball.

Moments like this are precious to not only me but to our B+ heroes and their families. This is why The Andrew McDonough B+ Foundation needs your help to make as many of these memories as possible for these B+ heroes and their families.

You are probably still asking how you can help, so donate to the Andrew McDonough B+ ("Be Positive") Foundation. No donation is too small because every donation goes directly toward a family and help fighting for a cure. Join us in the fight against childhood cancer so that no child ever has to hear that he or she has been diagnosed with pediatric cancer.

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