Each Of Rutgers' 5 Campuses Has Something Different To Offer
"How do you find your way around Rutgers?" "Rutgers is way too big of a school!" Most people have a fear of attending large schools. However, it is easy to make such a huge place seem very small. Explore all of Rutgers five campuses whenever you can, and you will easily learn that all of these descriptions are very true.

College Avenue

When you think about Rutgers, the first place that comes to mind is probably College Avenue. This is the most popular campus, but it isn't the campus to live on if you prefer a quiet scene. There are always crowds of students that hoard the sidewalks of The Yard (especially when an LX bus arrives). This campus connects to the downtown area of New Brunswick, which offers a more city feel to the area. The best food can be found right here. Take a stroll along College Avenue or Easton Avenue to find anything you may be craving.

The Yard is a small square that offers amazing food, big TV screens to catch any latest sports games, and a newly added Starbucks to load up on caffeine before you sit down to study for your next exam. When the weather is nice, head behind Scott Hall to find a large grass field that is surrounded by beautiful academic buildings. It is the perfect spot to bathe in the sun while getting work done. On the weekends, College Avenue is alive at all hours. This campus contains all the houses that throw parties. (For the ones who want to stay in on a Friday night but want to pick up Krispy Pizza first, get your pizza early so you are not stuck on a bus of drunk party-goers constantly chanting "RU Rah Rah.") If you are ever in need of anything, your best bet is to travel over to College Avenue to find all your needs. A bit of advice? Don't eat at Brower Dining Hall.


It will probably take you a long time to figure out which campus is actually Cook and which campus is actually Douglass. The Cook and Douglass campuses are basically one, but Cook itself still has a lot to offer. Cook is home to the hidden farm. The farm has cute animals that you can visit anytime, and students even have an opportunity to raise their own animal. If you are looking to get off your fat sandwich diet, head over to Harvest at the IFNH on Cook Campus to use a meal swipe on a delicious and healthy meal or smoothie! Not too far from the Cook campus, you will find Rutgers Gardens where you can find the calm during any stressful time.


Douglass campus tends to be underrated. It truly is a beautiful, scenic place. Although this campus doesn't have much to do, it is great to walk around and appreciate the nature around you. Passion Puddle is a major landmark that this campus holds. It is a photogenic spot that is a great study area. The Kissing Bridge is another sight to see. Don't be startled if you think the bridge will collapse with one step. Over the bridge is Mason Gross School of the Arts, where you can see students perform throughout the year.


Henry's Diner, anyone? Although you may have to wait for 3 LX buses before you find an empty one, it is worth the wait. Livingston is home to a Rutgers themed diner where you can eat anything you want. Treat yourself to a milkshake for dessert, because we all know you cannot leave Henry's without a milkshake. You can also see a movie at the Rutgers Cinema without breaking the bank. Livingston is known to have the best dining hall at Rutgers. They have their own burger bar. It is usually difficult to find a seat here, but the food is worth it. If you are tired of waiting in line at Henry's, skip over to the dining hall instead. Livingston even has an arcade in their student center if you want to take a study break. For underclassmen, housing shouldn't be an option on Livingston, but making the trip to this campus is always a great time. (Freshmen, we call it Livi, not Livingston).


Did someone say high GPAs? On Busch, you will find intense programs at Rutgers. If you are looking for an intelligent tutor, I would suggest meeting with a student at Busch. This campus is large and is difficult to navigate through. However, this campus has a lot to offer. Get ready to chant "RU Rah Rah" at the stadium for a football game, but do not get your hopes up for a big win. Find the observatory here to get a look into outer space, or put on your best gym clothes to get a great workout at Werblin, if you can find room in this gym. Don't be intimidated by plenty of athletes and members of ROTC working out here. Before you leave Rutgers, bring out your inner basic and snap a picture in front of the huge RevolUtionary sign outside of the Visitor Center.

* * *

It is so important to be proud of your school. Hop on a bus to any campus, and learn what Rutgers has to offer. You will be surprised when you come across all of the opportunities and great education our school provides. With working professionals, a perfect location surrounded by major cities, and fun activities to partake in Rutgers is a great choice of school. Be proud to wear Rutgers red.

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