I know we've all heard of the dreadful "freshman 15," lucky for us there are so many ways to avoid it and even lose it! Here are the 6 essential rules to help you achieve you fitness and health goals!

1. Get your sleep

A good sleeping schedule is a huge part of a healthy life. Sleeping repairs and rests your body so you are ready to take on the next day. We all know we should get a better nights sleeping instead of being tired all day, so put down your phone at night!

2. Don't drink your calories

Sugary drinks can kill your chances of staying fit and maintaining your health. Instead of sweet tea, maybe order an unsweet green tea to give you a metabolism boost! No more soda, you are fueling your body not try and slow it down.

3. Make drinking water a priority

This comes along with not drinking your calories. When you go out to eat, save a couple dollars and just order water. Water is so important and good for your body, so make a water intake goal for yourself! Maybe even make it a fun competition between your friends.

4. Give yourself time for exercise

There are an unlimited amount of ways you can fit a good workout in, just find what works for you and your schedule. Squeeze in a quick run in the morning or a short trip to the gym every day, with your occasional rest day of course!

5. Find your fitness friends

If you don't have any friends that are into fitness, invite them to go to the gym with you. Motivate yourself and others to be as happy and healthy as can be. Having friends that keep you working on your goals are extremely important, and makes your fitness journey so much more enjoyable.

6. Stop eating junk

Lastly, stop putting junk food in your body! We eat so we have energy and put the nutrients we need in our body. Explore the grocery store and start experimenting in the kitchen, try new healthy foods and see what you like. Find new seasonings that make your food enjoyable yet healthy!