Who Would Guess I Would Miss A Grocery Store?

Hy-Vee is a grocery store that I have taken for granted. I have been living in Orlando, Florida, for the past five months and never thought I would miss much from back home in Iowa. I knew I would miss my family, friends, and previous coworkers, but who would've guessed that a grocery store would be missed. Hy-Vee is more than just a grocery store, and here are my top reasons as to why I miss it.


If anyone knows me, they know I love sweets. Hy-Vee cookies had recently went under a new recipe that changed them for the better. The box of cookies they sell from the bakery are soft, sweet, and nothing but delightful. Publix doesn't even compare to that. Plus, Hy-Vee cookies are the go-to party snack. You could bring them to any event and people would love you. The cookies are now a staple of the store.

Selection and Atmosphere

The overall feel of the store is welcoming, open, and organized. Hy-Vee offers a wide selection of all your needs and services. Hy-Vee is there for your floral, catering, banking, and other needs that make it a one stop shop for certain things. Hy-Vee also offers some amazing summer deals that will have you stocking up on either frozen pizzas or Powerade. Hy-Vee just embodies an approachable atmosphere.

Fuel Saver

Who doesn't love saving money? The Fuel Saver is a system that Hy-Vee has to offer where if you buy certain grocery items, you will be able to get some money off of gallons of gas at Hy-Vee Gas. That's right, Hy-Vee also has a gas station and it is just as amazing. The Fuel Saver system can help you earn some great deals on gas too, and who doesn't love that?


Just when you thought Hy-Vee couldn't get it all, they did. Not all, but some Hy-Vee's have Starbucks located inside of them so you can sip on your soy non-fat caramel macchiato latte while looking for milk and eggs all at the same time. I mean, Hy-Vee is basically the Target of grocery stores and that's a win-win situation. So, the next time you pass a Hy-Vee in the midwest, be sure to pay it a visit because it's more than an Winn-Dixie or Publix will ever be.

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