​Guardians of hidden treasures.

I know I´m really young, but I have experienced relationships since my first encounter with this crazy world. I´ve glimpse strong relationships in my family and observed the ones from people I know. I have been exposed to all different kinds of relationships and I have experienced some of them too. It is all about relationships, it all begins with the strongest one when you are in the womb, and from then on it is all about connections with others. From the most minimal and basic to the deepest and strongest, we live through connecting and relating with others.

I have realized that in a world driven by connection and relations, we are deeply afraid of commitment and we find it extremely hard to do. Maybe we live in a time where we were taught that putting less interest in relationships makes us stronger by being careless. Because revealing our natural emotions and true feelings makes us weak and vulnerable. Maybe our time is perturbed by romanticism, loyalty and commitment. We feel far more comfortable having half relationships, partial friendships that are only on duty Friday night. Incomplete loves that turn into a simple call once every few nights.

We find it extremely hard to say how we truly feel and we cover with with fake bullshit. We shield what we truly feel with what we think it is acceptable. But we cover it because it is valuable and we are actually afraid and then everything we are surrounded by becomes so vain, material and simplistic. If we could only say what we really sense and perceive. If we could share the value we find in moments shared or the emotions generated from our relations. If we could only say it, share it without filter or fear, then we could create purer, deeper and therefore stronger and more real relationships. But saying and sharing what our core feelings and emotions comes with a price that not everyone is willing to pay.

I have learned that it is impossible to really know someone because their true souls are hidden deep inside, covered by a shield of lies and fears, but I also have learned that the biggest, most fascinating richness of people is there, and if we do not dare to share them, those treasures stay there forever hidden, lost.

Because there is some responsibility in being given someones treasures is the reason why it is not for everyone. You become a guardian. A guardian of someone elses hidden treasures and that can only be a task for the courageous. Caring is good, loving, being loyal and committing is amazingly beautiful, try it out. Don´t let go. Be brave

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