Growing Up With A Supportive Family

There are many types of families out there: the supportive kind, those who do their own thing and distance themselves, the ones who hover over their children, the abusive kind and many more. Have you ever thought of the family you came from, dreamt of having a different family or would you not change anything? I'm fortunate enough to come from a supportive family who has literally been there for me from the beginning, through thick or thin. I couldn't change anything about where I came from because it has made me who I am today. Without them, I honestly don't know where I would be today, how I would've gotten through life or even be who I am.

Growing up knowing my parents would always be at home when I got there, or one call away, was the best feeling around. I could and still can always count on them. My little brother has been my best friend since day one. We fuss or fight, but it always resolves itself in the end. Let me start by saying I grew up going to church. My dad is a music minister for our church, and it was our second home. I think because my family is based off of our faith, it remains much stronger than without it. Our faith, being strong Christians, was the basis for our family. This made is so much stronger.

There was not much we could not handle when we were together. We dealt with death, pain, sickness, moving, happiness and much more. We were together through it all, and that was all that mattered. When I look back, I'm not sure how we made it this far, but with God and my family being as strong as we are, we did. The positives of having a supportive family are limitless. I know that no matter what, I have a support system behind me, cheering me on and praying for me every step of the way. I also have so many people I trust to go to when I need to talk about something (mom, dad, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, etc.). I have an unending amount of love pouring in around me, and it means the world being loved by them. Family is everything.

I've heard a few people, over the years, comment negatively about how “supportive” my family is. Some people I used to hang out with suit hanging out with me because they thought my parents were “overprotective,” “overbearing” and didn't ever leave me alone. I learned to let them go because some friends are temporary but family is forever. What I learned is family time can't be taken back, added in or replaced. Time is relative, comes and goes and cannot be taken for granted. My family and our time together were more important than other things of the world. My family is by no means overprotective, in the way, overbearing, too much for me or anything else negative you could think of.

I could not imagine growing up without such a supportive family behind me. I always have them cheering me on, comforting me, growing in our faith, living life, acting crazy and by my side. Life would be incomplete without them. This crazy life is meant to be spent with loved ones. A supportive family is the basis for me having a successful life.

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