Growing Up In Your Own World
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Growing Up In Your Own World

How does life feel when you're a "space case?"

Growing Up In Your Own World

The words you heard most often were, "hello, Earth to you" or "is anybody in there?" You could often be found staring off into space, and daydreaming when least practical. You have zoned back into angry or concerned faces and always prepare for the worse. Growing up in your own little world, might not have always been the best thing to do, but it's what comes naturally.

You have had many arguments started because you "weren't listening," but 90% of the time, you did not even realize someone had approached and was talking to you. You have become all too used to particularly volatile humans asking you what you're staring at, but to be honest, they weren't the focus of your attention and find it rather vain for them to assume you had any interest in them. You have missed assignments, plans with friends, and have even delayed turning in your test, all because you just cannot get your mind to focus on the "real world." Driving can be a nightmare, and all your papers end up with half focused doodles and swirls covering them. Your delayed reactions can come back to bite you when asked, "does this make my butt look big?"

This might make your loved ones angry, but you have found life to be easier when you can remove yourself from tense situations. You do not have to react out loud and have the ability to process your emotions on a slowed down time. Your emotional breakthroughs can be brushed off until you are alone, and away from the uncomfortable public. Creative projects come naturally to you (if you were listening long enough to get the directions), and always includes that extra flair no one else thought to add, even if that is just some glitter glue. Boredom is never an excuse for you because in your mind there are plenty conversations to be had and stories to be written.

You have been called many things. A dreamer, an artist, a delinquent, and even a child. You have received lecture after lecture, and scolding after scolding. You have been accused of not caring. Maybe they're right, but we'll have to take some time to think about that. In the meantime, we'll just stick our tongue out and go back to our thoughts. In a world that requires the construction of "safe spaces," yours is right in your head, and can be accessed without a car or your boss's permission for vacation time.

What you are, is special. As a fellow "space case," I just have one thing to say to you, and that is to keep on dreaming. The best artists come from people just like you.

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