Growing up around an addict is hard, but you learn to cope with it and cherish the little moments that their choice of poison isn't completely controlling them. Although they are struggling with their own demons they love just like anyone else and want people to love them too.

1. There are many types of addicts

You learn that there are an abundance of types of addicts including reclusive addicts, angry addicts, affectionate addicts, even high functioning working addicts.

2. They are fighting a battle within themselves

Addicts try avoid the challenges of life by doing something that blocks them out whether it's alcohol, drugs, or even sex. Although people look at addicts as if they choose to be in the position of addiction they do not. They have just chosen try to ease the pain of life struggles, fallen into a deadly cycle, and are constantly battling their own minds to quit.

3. They feel just like everyone else

Even addicts who society views as some of the lowest people on earth who feel nothing but a constant hunger for that next hit or high feel love, sadness, compassion, and happiness.

4. Addiction can affect anyone

No matter who you are, what social class you come from, what gender or age you are addiction can affect you.

5. An Addict can become sober but their addiction will forever affect their lives

Although an addict can sober up their the affects of their substance abuse will haunt their lives forever. They will crave the substance or act for the rest of their life, and the person they were when they were fighting addiction will have lasting affects on their friends and families.