Track By Track Review of ‘Palladium’ By Greyson Chance
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Track By Track Review of ‘Palladium’ By Greyson Chance

I am a Greyson Chance fan first

Track By Track Review of ‘Palladium’ By Greyson Chance
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For the last decade of my life, I've had few constants, but undoubtedly one of those has been Greyson Chance. I have his words inked on my skin, twice, he's the person whose music has seen me through the worst and best parts of my life, and now, I have an entirely new record to fully immerse myself in. Obviously im going to break it down track by track for you guys.

This is Palladium

Stream Palladium here!


‘Palladium,’ fittingly, was the first track we heard from this album, and it set the tone perfectly for what a completely new sound we were going to get from Greyson Chance. You can tell so clearly here how much growth Greyson has done both personally and artistically, i didn’t think i could be a bigger fan, but here we are.

Aloe Vera

‘Aloe Vera’ takes the cake as my absolute favorite song on this record, i haven’t been able to turn it off. I can easily see how incredible this song is going to be live when I see Greyson in a few weeks!

Down & Out

Next to ‘Aloe Vera,’ ‘Down & Out’ is a very close second for my favorite track on Palladium. Greyson has always been so good at making music that makes me want to be front row at a show dancing and screaming the words, and that's exactly what ‘Down & Out’ does.


‘Watchtowers’ is one of the beautiful transition tracks on this record, and I will never get over hearing Greyson’s voice in the register he's in here.

Black Mascara

Reading through the lyrics to ‘Black Mascara’ really cements that Palladium is Greyson’s best written album, and that’s coming from someone who will live and die by Portraits. No one is as absurdly good at making you feel every emotion that is being sung about as Greyson is here on ‘Black Mascara.’

Mercury Year

I also feel like i’m in my ‘Mercury Year.’ This song breaks me, genuinely. I can’t talk about it too much without crying. Watch out for the mercury tattoo i will be getting.


‘Athena’ is one of the tracks we got before the album release, and regardless of how many times I listen to this track, I can't get over how dreamy it sounds. Greyson Chance knows how to create atmospheric music in a way so few other artists can. Genuinely ‘Athena’ feels heavenly.


‘Pallas’ is a beautiful, short transition song, which we know from songs like ‘Plains’ and ‘Lights’ that Greyson does transition songs flawlessly.

Homerun Hitter

‘Homerun Hitter’ is another track we got to hear before the record was out, and out of the pre-released songs, it is my favorite. Greyson showcases what a beautiful range his voice has. And that chorus?! Absolutely slaps! I love the change of pace from the chorus to the verses so much here.


For such a short song (just over a minute) ‘Panthers’ broke my heart. Not feeling like enough is such a dark mind space to be in and I want to give Greyson the fattest hug.

My Dying Spirit

It feels like ‘My Dying Spirit’ really hammers in the fact that we're getting Greyson at his most vulnerable on Palladium. As someone who has struggled with alcohol, (that's just what I took from this song) I can't applaud Greyson enough for how open he's been with his relationship with alcohol, not even just on this track.

Also, don't be mistaken, did you hear the end of this track? It’s a rock song baby!

Hemingway, 74 rue De Cardinal

I think it’s ironic how one of my absolute favorite lyricists wrote a song about not being able to find words like the greatest writers of all time. When in reality, no one has a relationship with their pen quite like Greyson, and it's showcased so beautifully here on this track.

Like come on “I’m no Hemingway in Paris, but I’m drunk to say the least” SO GOOD!

The Balcony Song

Some of the craziest vocal, and instrumental moments happen right here on the album closer. ‘The Balcony Song’ is so incredibly beautiful, and such a killer way to tie together one of my new favorite records.

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