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A Track By Track Review Of Portraits By Greyson Chance

He counts this as his debut album so we will (reluctantly) look over the absolute masterpiece that was "Holding on 'Til The Night."

A Track By Track Review Of Portraits By Greyson Chance

Over the last 8 years, I have been a huge fan of an artist named Greyson Chance — who if you don't automatically know, try looking up him singing "Paparazzi" on the Ellen DeGeneres Show and you're sure to remember. He recently dropped an album entitled "Portraits" that I haven't been able to turn off and I felt that I had to write about it and show some appreciation for the best artist out there right now.

1. "Shut Up"

So this track was released before the album but even if you've heard it already I would still highly recommend listening to it with the album. It's a perfect opener and one that I feel really showcases how unique and wonderful Greyson's voice is. I really enjoy the meaning I took from this song which is that it's about being so nervous with someone that you often find yourself either just staring at them in silence or awkwardly rambling on and on because you're so anxious around them.

2. "Bleed You Still"

I would say this is a top three song for me because it's absolutely stellar! I feel like everyone has that person that you just know is everything you're looking for but yet you know it's still a relationship that can't happen and I love that this is a song that explains what that feeling is like. I also think the beat to this song is one that is going to be so much fun on tour (I'm seeing him July 11th and tears will be shed) and Greyson sounds great and everything about this song is just really right.

3. "Yours"

This is a song I find myself playing a lot outside full album listening sessions I related to it because I have been in so many long-distance relationships and it's such a hard thing to be away from that person and only see them for short periods at a time. However, Greyson has said that this song is an ode to his friends back in Oklahoma that he has had to say goodbye to so often to pursue his career and I love that. I think this is a beautiful song and the lyrics are great and it just shows that you can interrupt a song so many ways

4. "Plains"

So this is a 58 second intro to West Texas and is Greyson telling a story about a time 12 year old Greyson disappointed his mom with some actions of his even though it's not an actual song don't skip Greyson has the most soothing speaking voice please enjoy it and enjoy his little story before West Texas

5. "West Texas"

This brings us to number two in my top three fave song list! The chorus to this song is so good and his voice hits the most pleasing high notes. This is a song about Greyson's mom — it's so beautiful and is so easy to dance to so I already know it's about to be the best time on tour. Also: please just really listen to the lyrics of this song truly some of my favorites on the album.

6. "White Roses"

My heart breaks for Greyson listening to this song. It's the most painful thing to go through and I am so glad he had songwriting as a way to get through that. The first time I listened through the whole thing, I had to catch my breath a bit when he said "And if you should miss me, don't call me don't tell me, just leave me alone" because that is so powerful you have to be so hurt to feel that way about someone you love so much. I listened to an interview recently of Greyson talking about this song and how therapeutic it was to write and I hope everyone who goes and listens loves it as much as I do — it's a true work of art!

7. "Lights"

This is another intro track! It's 25 seconds long and intros "Black on Black." It is Greyson talking to whom I assume is possibly an Uber driver about the best strip clubs in Vegas, which I also wanted to know, so thank you Greyson.

8. "Black on Black"

And now we have reached the best song on the album ladies and gentleman! This is such a stellar track, and I can not get enough of it. I already know my drunk ass is going to be dancing and screaming the words to this at both Greyson shows I am attending. The lyrics? Go off. His voice? Incredible. Also a bit promiscuous and we love that for him.

9. "Seasons Nineteen"

This song was previously released by Greyson, so I went into this album already loving this beautiful song but then he went and fucked me up and made it a bit more upbeat and i loved it even more. It's a song about progression and growth and is a perfect song to listen to while working or going through a creative stump.

10. "Timekeeper"

This song is very specific to the person it's written about but that doesn't mean I don't dance to it and get my life to Greyson's heartbreak. I really love how he lays out the timeline of their relationships and says you know if the other person ever forgets he can listen to this song and Greyson can be as he puts it his "Timekeeper." I think that is so interesting and a great concept for a song.

11. "Stand"

First, I just want to say I love this man and the way he puts his thoughts into words in songs i love the lyrics to this jam so much! I have read that this is an ode to his hometown and I am not 100% sure if that's true but if it is what a beautiful thing. 10\10 would recommend.

12. "Lakeshore"

Okay first we will be discussing Greyson's voice during this song — it's that of angels. Vocally, I think this might be his strongest on the album and that's saying a lot because he is so strong this entire project. What we have learned going through this album is there is not a dud every song was so stellar and holds it's own and "Lakeshore" is no different I am so impressed with this song. Also "You Might Be The One" played right after the album finished so my Spotify clearly wants me to get emo.

This entire album is incredible I couldn't be more proud of Greyson and I just love him so much and am so thankful that I have his music in my life and can not wait to scream these lyrics back at him on tour.

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