Growing up in Fremont was more than simply existing in the middle of suburbia and the tech-fueled Silicon Valley. It was about finding the hidden gems in the Bay Area while also being in the perfect location to go to the beach or visit all the major attractions in San Jose, San Francisco and Oakland. If you went to Ardenwood or Forest Park as a kid, here are some of the unique experiences you share:

1. You've climbed Mission Peak.

And you remember that one year a Christmas tree ended up at the top.

2. You describe where you're from in relation to other cities.

"I'm from California. Northern California. Near San Francisco. Do you know where San Jose is? Yeah, I'm right above there."

3. People don't know your high school exists because Mission overshadows everyone in Fremont.

Actual conversation with a guy at Cornell who went to Harker:

"Oh so you went to Mission!"
"No, I went to American."
"I have no idea where that is."

4. You've been to Ducks for Bucks at Elizabeth Park.

Raising money for charity has never been so fun.

5. You've been exposed to great food.

Fremont is as diverse as it gets and you can get pretty much any kind of authentic or fusion food here. I mean where else can you get Bombay Curry Pizza? A Thai and crepe place? Check, Le Moose has got you covered. Looking for the best place for bread? 85 C is a good place to start. And like most of the Bay Area bubble tea is a way of life. Cafe Lab even makes them Insta-worthy by serving the milk tea in beakers and other lab equipment.

6. Your spirit week in high school involved (multiple) Bollywood dance sequences.

"Sheila Ki Jiwani" was a really popular song for Bollywood dances when I was at American.

7. You have a picture with the Facebook sign.

And you always see a crowd waiting to take a picture right before you drive onto the Bay Bridge.

8. Somebody in the family works in the tech industry.

If either of your parents doesn't work at Oracle, Cisco, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Google, can you really say you're from the Bay Area?

9. You know there's a Fremont in Ohio that's also named after John C. Fremont.

10. You've gotten a pumpkin for Halloween at the Ardenwood Farm.

Ardenwood Historic Farm was the spot as a kid. You remember chasing or being chased by peacocks, playing with all the farm animals, going through the corn maze on Halloween, visiting the historical Patterson House and observing the annual migration of the monarch butterflies.

11. You realize that NewPark Mall is much nicer than it used to be.

A lot of things have changed in Fremont including the development of Pacific Commons, more houses being built, and the new theater opening at NewPark.

12. You've seen the laughing class at Forest Park.

And it really freaked you out the first time you heard them before you realized it was just a group of seniors living life to the most.

13. You visit the Christmas lights near Thornton during the holidays.

Crippsmas Place was magical and for a good cause as well!

14. You've been to the Haunted House at the Fremont Hub.

The Candle Lighters is another local charity that organizes the Ghost House.

15. You've biked on the Ardenwood Trail to Coyote Hills.

Feeling the cool ocean breeze as you went up and down the hills was exhilarating.