15 Things You Can't Forget If Grew Up In A Basketball Town

15 Things That You Will Never Forget If You Grew Up In A College Town Obsessed With Basketball

March Madness is one of the town's greatest holidays.

Ally Miller

College basketball is one thing, but college basketball in a small town is a totally different story. From diapers to high school, we grew up LOVING going to games. Here are 15 things you can't forget if you grew up in a small basketball college town.

1. There's tanned summer skin, pale winter skin, and painted basketball season skin.

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2. March Madness is a town holiday.


3. The best date night is a basketball date night.

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4. There's nothing more calming than the smell of overpriced popcorn and personal pizzas.


5. The players are practically royalty.


6. You're pretty much willing to join any club at school if it means you get to perform during a half-time show.


7. It's impossible to go to a game and not run into 20 people you know.


8. You can never have enough basketball t-shirts.


9. You are always willing to stick a pom-pom in your hair even if it means you poke YOURSELF in the neck every 10 seconds.


10. The best day ever is the day players visit your school.

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11. The friends with season tickets are always the best friends to have.


12. Running into your teacher at a game is the most awkward encounter of all.


13. Basketball jokes exist everywhere from church to the classroom.


14. Your middle school teachers LOVED to write math problems with players names in them.


15. No matter what college you go to, you will ALWAYS cheer for your home school.

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March Madness has arrived and that means pure excitement. All of us small-town basketball lovers consider THIS the best time of the year.

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