The Greatest Showman: Leadership Skills Everyone Should Follow
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The Greatest Showman: Leadership Skills Everyone Should Follow

"The noblest art is that of making others happy" - P.T. Barnum

The Greatest Showman: Leadership Skills Everyone Should Follow

Recently, I went to the movie theater and watched “The Greatest Showman”. I had high expectations and in my opinion, it did not disappoint. “The Greatest Showman” is an original musical that celebrates the birth of show business and tells of a visionary who rose from nothing to create a spectacle that became a worldwide sensation. The film has an abundant of leadership skills that one should learn from:

1. Great Leaders Envision Their Future

The film beginnings with P.T. Barnum (played by Hugh Jackman ) singing in the circus ring, slowly, the people around him begin to fade. We then find a young Barnum looking at himself in a shop window, but he isn’t staring at his reflection but at the suit inside the shop. At a young age, Barnum had visualized how he wanted his future to look like. His envisioned future came to fruition. The take away is that vision-casting creates excitement and a future to reach for. Envision your future and shoot for it.

2. Accepts Responsibility For Their Actions

Great leaders are aware that their actions have consequences. When leaders slip up, they don’t hide instead they stand up and accept that it was their fault. When young Barnum made Charity Hallet (the future Mrs. Barnum) laugh while she was practicing her tea drinking skills, her father scolds her for not acting ladylike. Barnum stepped up and accepted responsibility for his actions, yet this earned him a slap from Mr.Hallet

3. Failure Is A Part Of Leadership

Society has portrayed failure as a sign of defeat, hence why most people try to avoid it. Leaders know that failure doesn't mean the end, but a new opportunity to try something new. When Barnum first opened the museum, he was excited and believed it was going to be successful. The museum failed but that didn’t stop him, he moved onto another venture which gave him more fame. Keep in mind that if you fail, pick yourself up, and start over again.

4. Listen To The Advice Of Others

Be willing to listen to others, evaluate their ideas and see how they can be incorporated into yours. Don’t discard others ideas just because they don’t live up to yours. When Barnum’s little girls were talking about having living things in the museum to make it more interesting, he didn’t shun their idea down instead it expanded his imagination and dreams.

5. Don’t Leave Your Team Behind

When Phillip Carlyle (played by Zac Efron) obtains an appearance with the queen of England. Carlyle and Barnum made it clear that they would not appear before the queen without the rest of their team. Don’t ever leave your team behind when you’re invited to special events. Bringing them with you shows that you value, appreciate and respect them.

6. Pass The Leadership Baton

During Barnum’s final show with the circus, he passed his hat to Carlyle during the show. Carlyle then takes his place. Barnum explained he was done with the circus and wanted to spend more time with his family. Leaders must be prepared to step out of the light. There will come a time when a new leader must step up. So, be willing to pass the leadership baton.

Be a leader for the right reasons. Never lead if you desire power and control over others. Enhancing your leadership skills will bring you and your team many opportunities, so build on those skills you already have. Everyone can be a leader!

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