The Great Study Abroad Dilemma
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The Great Study Abroad Dilemma


The Great Study Abroad Dilemma
College Of Media And Publishing

Hello, everyone! Since you're reading this, I have to ask you for a favor. I am torn between studying abroad in two different countries, and I need your help deciding. Here are my two choices:

The United Kingdom: The English in Shakespeare's Plays

This trip is all about Shakespeare! And I love Shakespeare! On this trip, we will be reading four of his plays while travelling through England, Scotland, and Wales. The main focus of this trip is to see where Shakespeare's plays supposedly took place and compare how the settings look now in modern day. We will be seeing several plays in The Globe as well as other theatres, spending a week in London, staying in the beautiful countryside, and visiting Stratford-upon-Avon and the walled Tudor city of Chester (pictured above). We will stay several days in Scotland and climb Dunsinane Hill, which is featured in Macbeth. The castle and white cliffs of Dover are included on the itinerary, as well.

I will be doing a lot of travelling, sight seeing, and reading if I go here. It sounds like an amazing experience, but from what I gathered at the interest meeting, is that the UK is really "americanized". There is wifi and Starbucks and modern conveniences. These are all great things, but if I'm going to pay a buttload of money then I want it to be an unforgettable and different experience.

This trip is in the spring of 2017, so the deadline is rapidly approaching. The estimated cost of going to the UK is approximately $4,000.

Now onto the next!

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Zambia: Comparative Health Issues

So, this one is tricky. This trip focuses on health issues, ranging from personal to environmental, in Zambia, which is located in southern Africa. I am more focused on the environmental aspect of the trip, but I was informed that the trip focuses equally on personal health and environmental health. While on this trip, we will go to Lusaka and visit the University of Zambia where we will learn about the conservation policies and philosophies of Zambia. Visiting an orphanage and the local village are also on the itinerary. We will also stay 10 days in Livingstone, where we go to a lion conservatory, Livingstone Museum, and Livingstone Hospital, amongst other places in the city. Victoria Falls (pictured above) in Zimbabwe and Chobe National Park in Botswana are included in this trip, too. While in Zambia, we will also stop in Mfuwe where we will go to the Kakumbi Clinic, a primary school, several safaris, and the South Luangwa Conservation Society. Also in Mfuwe, we will visit a primitive village without any electricity or running water.

One of the main reasons I want to go on this trip is that many animals found in this part of the world are being poached to extinction/ their environment is rapidly changing causing them to become sick or die. I may never get another chance to see these beautiful animals outside of a zoo ever again.

On the other hand, this trip is much more expensive than the UK study abroad trip. This trip is approximately $6,300 and in the fall of 2017. Health and safety issues are also a main concern, too.

So, what do you guys think? Comment to cast your vote!

And as always, thanks for reading!

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