Grateful for going to LSU
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There Are A Million Reasons I'm Grateful I Chose To Go To LSU, But Here Are A Few

High school was fun but college has been by far better to me.

My friend and me in front of memorial tower at LSU
Elizabeth Shelby

My high school experience was great. I grew up with people who shared the same experiences I did because we have been together since 6th grade or some even before. We were a small community where everyone knew each other and it was great for the most part. However, I find myself not missing those days as much as I thought I would.

I moved hours away to a university we looked up to growing up. We had "LSU Day" during Homecoming Week and I grew up watching their football and baseball team. I always knew I wanted to go to LSU and I am so glad I was persistent on going. LSU has been the best school I could've asked for and for all incoming students, you will not be disappointed.

LSU has allowed me to grow into the person I have always wanted to be. I am better than I have ever been and it is because of LSU. I can allow myself to do what I want to do because LSU has so many opportunities that you will not find at many schools. LSU has allowed me to meet friends that have the same interests as I do and push me to be my absolute best. The friends I have made at LSU are beyond better than I could've imagined. I honestly do not understand how I went through life without them. They not only allow me to continue to grow but we grow and mature together. Plus their jokes are the best.

LSU has amazing staff from Chick-fil-A to the academic advisors. They are all extremely nice and helped me tremendously. They are the first people I met at LSU and had a big impact on my choice of going to LSU. They helped me choose my housing, meal plan, literally every little thing I had questions about; they were there to help.

LSU is great for endless educational reasons but it is much more than a school to me. It is my home. I hang out in Tiger Stadium on football weekends, study in Club Mid during midterms and finals week, and hang in the quad in between classes. It gives you so much more than a school. They give you a place to hang out and meet your forever friends. They are more like a community in the city of Baton Rouge. No, everyone doesn't know each other and it is so great. However, we all bond over how great our campus is. There may be times we absolutely want to die like paying fee bills, finals, any test in Himes, or waiting in line at 12:00 p.m. in the Union but we have a lot to look forward to going to LSU. Not only will our college experience be great but after college too.

There are so many LSU graduates that become very successful and that is something we get to look forward to after graduation.

LSU students have so much to be grateful for and we know it. We have the best campus, best mascot, best president, best get the point. We have a lot of great things. LSU has so much to offer for any student and you can ask the current LSU students. We will all agree that LSU is by far the best and gives us the best college experience.

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